Our central mission is to enhance the educational experience of our undergraduate students by providing an environment rich in natural specimens. As a student, you can observe specimens that will increase your appreciation and understanding of basic geologic themes and think more deeply about humankind's place in the natural geologic environment.

The museum works to achieve this mission by presenting context- and specimen-rich displays centered on fundamental aspects of geology (and other natural sciences) that connect to and transcend the classroom environment. Specifically, the museum highlights:

  1. the geologic history of southwestern Ohio through displays of locally-collected materials, and
  2. fundamental geological concepts through displays that provide a broad, global geologic perspective

This range of displays emphasizes our current understanding of the history and dynamic nature of the earth and illustrates the broad societal impact of earth science contributions.

A secondary mission of the museum is to provide learning experiences through outreach efforts, directed at local schools and the general public, in order to extend the impact of museum resources to the local community.

The museum is also dedicated to the proper handling and preservation of the fossil, rock, and mineral collections.