Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff
Faculty/Staff Department/Program Interests
Berg, David J. Biology molecular ecology
conservation of aquatic invertebrates
Cady, Alan B. Biology

behavioral ecology
generalist predatory arthropods

Crist, Thomas Biology

terrestrial ecology
insect ecology
conservation biology

Davis, Amélie Geography
Institute for the Environment & Sustainability

human-environment interactions (landscape ecology)
land change science

Fisk, Melany Biology nutrient cycling in watersheds
González, María J. Biology zooplankton community ecology
Grudzinski, Bartosz Geography fluvial geomorphology
landuse impacts
aquatic ecology
watershed restoration
Hoffman, Susan Biology evolutionary genetics of mammals
mammal conservation
Keane, Brian Biology mammalian social behavior
mate choice
molecular genetic techniques
Levy, Jonathan Geology & Environmental Earth Science
Institute for the Environment & Sustainability
groundwater hydrology
groundwater/surface-water interaction
McCarty, Jessica Geography geospatial technologies and methodologies
agriculture and food security
land-use/ land-cover change
Mette, Beth Biology ecology
data management
Morgan-Kiss, Rachael Microbiology photobiology of extreme environments
Overholt, Erin Biology global change limnology
lakes as sentinels of climate change
Ratliff, Tera Institute for the Environment & Sustainability nutrient cycling
Renwick, Bill Geography watershed hydrology
sediment fluxes
Rypstra, Ann L. Biology facility interactions
Watershed Education and Research Center
Stevens, Hank Biology ecology and evolution of population and ecosystem dynamics
Solomon, Nancy Biology sociality
cooperative breeding
communal and parental care
Vanni, Michael J. Biology nutrient cycling
aquatic food webs
harmful algal blooms
Williamson, Craig Biology global change limnology
lakes as sentinels of climate change