Faculty and Staff

Scientists using plants in their research come from several departments, including anthropology, biology, chemistry and biochemistry, geography, and microbiology.

Research Areas
Faculty/Staff Department/Program Research Area
Baker, Robert Biology plant development
Edelmann, Richard Biology plant ultrastructure
Dabney-Smith, Carole Chemistry and Biochemistry protein transporters; chloroplast physiology
Duley, Matt Biology plant cellular structure; microscopy
Fisk, Melany Biology forest ecosystems; plant-soil interactions
Gladish, Dan Biology (Hamilton) plant anatomy
Gorchov, David Biology plant population ecology; invasive plants
Hagerman, Ann Chemistry and Biochemistry plant secondary compounds
Keegan, Jack Biology applied horticulture; greenhouse management
Keiffer, Carolyn Biology (Middletown) plant restoration ecology
Liang, Chun Biology plant genomics; bioinformatics
Maingi, John Geography forest regeneration; forest wildfires
Medley, Kim Geography plant geography; ethnobotany
Money, Nik Biology mycology
Moore, Richard Biology plant evolutionary genetics
Morgan-Kiss, Rachael Microbiology polar microbiology; Chlamydomonas
Rosenzweig, Melissa Anthropology environmental archaeology of the Near-East
Stevens, Hank Biology plant community ecology and diversity
Vincent, Michael Biology plant taxonomy; herbarium curation
Wang, Xin Microbiology CO2 fixation to terpenes; cyanobacteria