Alexandra N. Heppner

Alex Heppner

Senior Research Assistant

Phone: 513-529-3605 
Office: Upham Hall, 370A


As a Research Assistant, Alex serves as the project manager for the PELI-Can project. The goal of this project is to support Ohio nursing homes implementing the Preferences for Everyday Living Inventory (PELI) through outreach and education. She supports the goals of the project by connecting with Ohio nursing home providers, assisting with the dissemination of monthly newsletters and tip sheets, managing the project’s help-line and social media accounts, as well as facilitating quarterly webinars. Alex has served the older adult population in a variety of capacities and is thrilled to be working on a project that assists nursing home providers on their journey to providing person-centered, preference-based care.


BS, Social Work, Bradley University

Recent Publication

Abbott, K.M., Hulshult, A., Eshraghi, K., Heppner, A., Crumbie, V., Heid, A.R., Madrigal, C., Spector, A., Van Haitsma, K. (2022). Applying Agile Methodology to Reengineer the Delivery of Person-Centered Care in a Nursing Home: A Case Study. Journal of the American Medical Directors Association

Abbott, K. M., Heppner, A., Hicks, N., Hermesch, A., & Van Haitsma, K. (2021). Evaluating the implementation of a pragmatic person-centered communication tool for the nursing home setting: PAL Cards. Clinical Gerontologist. Advance Online Publication.

Corpora, M., Kelley, M., Kasler, K., Heppner, A., Van Haitsma, K., Abbott, K. M. (2021). “It’s been a whole new world”: Staff perceptions of implementing a person-centered communication intervention during the COVID-19 pandemic. Journal of Gerontological Nursing, 47(5), 9-13.

Gannod, G. C., Abbott, K. M., Van Haitsma, K., Martindale, N., & Heppner, A. (2019). A machine learning recommender system to tailor preference assessments to enhance person-centered care among nursing home residents. The Gerontologist, 59(1), 167–176. doi:10.1093/geront/gny056