Miami University Gerontology Student Presentations

2019 Gerontological Society of America Annual Conference, Austin Texas

Student names are in bold.


Are You Ready for Change? Factors Associated With Commitment to Change in Clinical Practice,
J. K. Chahal, K. Northrip, D. Silva

An International Comparison of Income Disparities by Problem-Solving Skills, Gender, and Age,
N. Mehri, T. Yamashita, R. Millar, P. Cummins

Partnering With Nursing Home Providers for Person-Centered Quality Improvement,
A. Hermesch, D. Chang, C. Goldstein, K. Van Haitsma, K. Abbott

The Feasibility, Acceptability, and Appropriateness of a Person-Centered Communication Tool,
S. Shakya, H. Yu, E. Mueller, K. Van Haitsma, K. Abbott 

Provider Perspectives on Implementing a Person-Centered Communication Tool,
A. Heppner, N. Hicks, S. Poth, K. Van Haitsma, K. Abbott

Depression, Functional Disability, and Accessing Health Care Among Older Men and Women in Ghana and South Africa, C. C. Nwakasi, J. S. Brown 

Gender and Beliefs about Successful Aging in Eastern Nepal, X. Qiu, N. Sun, S. J. McLaughlin, J. Subedi,
S. S. Thapa, M. K. Shrestha, M. Johnson, S. Williams-Blangero

From Personal to Global: Cultivating Your Gerontological Voice,
L. M. Janssen

Mind the Gap: Findings From the Age-Friendly Oxford Community Needs Assessment, M. A. Young,
 U. Dhakal, V. L. Kessler, S. R. Kunkel 

How Driving Stress, Confidence, and Thoughts About Driving Alternatives Affect Transportation Planning,
J. Vivoda, J. Cao, A. Harmon 

Optimism and Expectations Regarding Aging Among Young Adults and Older Adults, S. C. Van Vleet,
J. M. Moore, S. Edzards, L. N. Smith, J. Sawyer, A. M. Coldiron, A. M. Sandlin, M. D. Barnett

Living-Apart-Together Relationships: Exploring Older Adult Black Women’s Perspectives on Caregiving Exchanges, N. Hicks

One-Two Punch of High Wages and Empowering Practices for Maintaining Care Networks in Nursing Homes, K. Kennedy, J. R. Bowblis, K. M. Abbott

Experiences and Barriers to Success for Mid- and Later-Life College Students: Applying a Gerontological Lens, P. Cummins, A. Arbogast, K. McGrew, P. Bahr

Tackling the Opioid Epidemic: A State-Wide Initiative to Decrease Opioid Prescribing,
J. K. Chahal, K. Northrip

Racial Differences in the Daily Experiences of African Americans and European Americans Providing Care,
K. E. Cichy, A. Koumoutzis

The Influence of Loneliness and Rural Residence on Depression in Later Life, Sun, C. Hua, X. Qiu, J. S. Brown