Social Entrepreneurship and Aging Online Graduate Certificate (SEA)

Innovators look at population aging and see an opportunity to change the world.  So can you. LONGEVITY DIVIDEND Leverage new market opportunities created by longer life & an expanding aging market  PURPOSEFUL INNOVATION Develop product & service ideas that meet the needs of our growing older population  SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP Create an innovative business plan & pitch your ideas to experts in aging & entrepreneurship

An online Social Entrepreneurship & Aging Graduate Certificate (SEA) helps to prepare socially-minded entrepreneurs and professionals in the field of aging for success in the era of aging and entrepreneurship. The online graduate certificate program is offered in an innovative partnership between the Department of Sociology and Gerontology, the Scripps Gerontology Center and the Farmer School of Business Department of Entrepreneurship.


Trained by outstanding faculty in the practical use and application of gerontology and business, students will learn:

  • An overview of gerontology and aging from a social entrepreneurial standpoint
  • Interdisciplinary fundamentals of entrepreneurship, along with incorporated gerontology concepts
  • Challenges and market opportunities created by individuals’ aging and an aging society
  • Skills required to transform and launch a creative idea into a sustainable business plan

The program leverages the university's combined expertise in aging studies, gerontological research and business practice to offer integrative courses that prepare graduates to create innovative solutions within a sustainable business framework, targeting emerging opportunities due to population aging. The program consists of four online graduate certificate courses, 3-credits each, available over a 1-year sequence, costing $600.00 per credit hour. 

The required courses  for the certificate include:

  • GTY 601 New Frontiers in Aging 
  • ESP 670 Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Business Models in the Field of Aging
  • GTY 612 Innovations and Trends in the Aging Marketplace 
  • ESP 501 New Ventures in the Field of Aging 

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