Scripps Gerontology Center study finds Ohio leads the nation in generating local funds to support in-home services for older people

Oxford, Ohio July 1, 2021 – A recent study funded by the RRF Foundation for Aging and conducted by Scripps Gerontology Center at Miami University found Ohio leads the nation in expanding the availability of in-home services to older individuals through locally funded initiatives. Ohio was one of 15 states using locally generated funds to support aging services. With local communities generating $218 million annually, Ohio raised more money than the other 14 states combined.

Passed in 1965, the federal Older Americans Act (OAA), which provides in-home support services to older people, has neither kept up with inflation nor with the growth in the older population. As a result, the OAA provides considerably less support today than it did in 1980. Communities have used locally generated dollars to support services for elders with a passage rate of more than 90% over the past ten years.

Annual levy amounts ranged from just over $100,000 to $47 million. About one-third of levy counties generated between one and five million dollars annually and ten counties generated more than five million dollars annually. The study found that meals, transportation, homemaker services and supports for caregivers were most often provided by local programs.

“The commitment to supporting elders displayed by local communities across Ohio is a powerful example of caring, and says something about Ohioans,” Director of the Ohio Long-Term Care Research Project, Dr. Robert Applebaum said. “That Ohio communities generate more funds than the other 15 states who use this approach all combined is impressive.”

Ohio is a leading example of how local communities are finding success in supporting their aging population. As the country looks toward the future of its aging population, it is important to continue supporting services for older people.

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