Director of Academic Program Support Pamela Mayberry Retires


After serving Miami University and the Scripps Gerontology Center for 20 years, Director of Academic Program Support Pamela Mayberry retired in the summer of 2021. Mayberry provided leadership and support to graduate programs in gerontology, was a member of research teams, and coordinated educational events.

“During my time at Scripps, I learned about the power of a collaborative model (and spirit) in the workplace. The strong value placed on collaboration sets the tone for how work is done, and how staff interact, and how students are included in Scripps projects. It is a real strength of the organization.” Mayberry stated. “I miss the joys of working with gerontology students and my day-to-day interactions with gerontology faculty and Scripps staff members. Scripps is a great place to work.”

Leah Janssen, former PhD student and Mayberry's successor, stated, "Pam's ability to emphatically connect with students made all of us feel so welcome and appreciated, which was so affirming when I made the decision to leave my professional career and start the doctoral program."

Mayberry's time and work at Miami University influenced students, faculty, and staff, and her contributions will forever be a part of the Scripps legacy.