January "One for the Ages" Lunchtime Presentation


Join us as we celebrate our centennial anniversary! For 100 years, we have been providing research, education, and service to make a positive difference for the aging population and are celebrating all year long! Throughout the year, we will host virtual presentations covering various topics.

On Friday, January 21 at 12 p.m. ET, join us for our virtual lunchtime presentation on "Time for Living & Caring: Recognizing & Supporting the Needs of Family Caregivers" presented by 2016 Cottrell Distinguished Alum Dr. Rebecca Utz.

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Dr. Rebecca Utz – BA & MGS (Miami University), MA & PhD (University of Michigan)


Utz is a Professor of Sociology at the University of Utah, where she also directs an interdisciplinary undergraduate degree program called Health, Society, and Policy. Her research is focused on the needs and experiences of families managing end-of-life transitions such as widowhood, caregiving, and palliative care planning.

"Time for Living & Caring: Recognizing & Supporting the Needs of Family Caregivers"

One in five adults (53 million Americans) are providing unpaid care to someone with health or functional needs. These invaluable services are estimated to be greater than $470 billion annually. This informal work sometimes takes a toll on the physical, emotional, and financial health of the caregivers. Education, support, and respite can help. Respite is defined as time away from caregiving. It can be provided formally through the long term supports and services industry, or informally through shared partnerships with friends and family. This presentation describes research about the importance of respite and will preview an NIH-funded study called “Time for Living and Caring” (TLC). TLC has created a set of online tools and resources that help caregivers prioritize, plan, and maximize the benefit received from respite. Findings reveal new ways to think about respite, and the undeniable benefits associated with using respite consistently.