Resident preferences and CNA empowerment: Testing validity and reliability of a culture change survey tool

October 29, 2019


  • Katherine M. Abbott
  • Anjali B. K.
  • Jane K. Straker
  • J. Scott Brown

Culture change (CC) is an innovation to improve nursing home resident quality of life. Inconsistencies in how CC is measured make the interpretation of findings inconclusive. The purpose of this study is to determine the underlying factors of CC among Ohio nursing homes to extract the core essence of CC. Two valid and reliable scales to advance the measurement of CC are presented that can be used to explore both residents' preferences for care and CNA empowerment components as predictors or outcomes. 

Journal of Applied Gerontology, doi:10.1177/0733464819884862


  • Long-Term Care Decision Making
  • Long-Term Care Facilities
  • Long-Term Care Policy and Financing
  • Long-Term Care - Other
  • Quality Assurance
  • Research Methods