Mission and Goals

Mission and goals

Through impassioned commitment to world-class undergraduate teaching and research, faculty engage students holistically in human cultural and biological diversity. Students develop practical skills and transformative perspectives to understand and address complex human problems in a changing world.

DEI Statement

“The purpose of Anthropology is to make the world safe for human differences.”    - Ruth Benedict

The Department of Anthropology serves an engaged and diverse student community,
welcoming diverse perspectives and developing a range of practical and adaptive skills
particularly those of inter- and intra-cultural communication. Across our courses, we teach
students core anthropological concepts such as cultural relativity, appreciation of difference,
practices of empathy towards others and critiquing one’s own cultural assumptions. Topically,
anthropology engages in the empirical evidence on global cultural, intracultural, biological,
ecological, historical, political, and linguistic diversity to critique the structures and ideologies of
colonialism and power, racism, gender inequities, ecological destruction, ethnocentricism, and
other forms of structural violence. Thus, as a discipline, anthropology is committed to analyzing
social systems of equity and understanding and appreciating diversity, in order to promote
inclusion of all humanity.