Organizations and Resources

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Success in college depends on you. The university, the Anthropology Department, and your instructors have created a high-quality environment for learning. That learning will not take place, however, without you making it happen. This page offers some tips and resources for getting the most out of your education in anthropology.

Student Clubs

One of the best ways to succeed is to build a community of fellow students who want to pursue anthropological topics and perspectives outside the classroom. Fortunately, we have two such programs ready made for you to join.

Tips for Student Success

Here are some tips on how you can succeed in your college career in anthropology or any other major.

Student Resource Blog

For opportunities regarding graduate programs, field schools, careers, internships, volunteer efforts, study abroad, and foreign language study be sure to check out the Anthropology department's blog. It's a great resource for learning about new programs and offerings. You can also sign up for updates directly from the blog, and never miss an opportunity.

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