Anthropology Honors

student speaking at graduation

Anthropology majors who enter their senior year with an excellent academic record in their anthropology courses, and enroll in an independent research course under the supervision of a faculty mentor are eligible to graduate with Departmental Honors.

Departmental Honors: ATH 480 (1-6 credits)

    1. The College offers a program of departmental honors for those students who qualify for the opportunity to engage in independent work in a major field of study under the guidance of a faculty mentor(s). Students who successfully complete such an effort will graduate with "Departmental Honors" notations on their transcripts and under their names in the commencement program.
    2. To qualify for entrance into the departmental honors program in Anthropology, a student must be a senior majoring in Anthropology and have a grade point average of at least 3.5 in Anthropology. To be awarded such departmental honors, the student must complete the requirements of the Anthropology Major and maintain a grade point average of at least 3.5 in Anthropology.
    3. Qualified students should register for ATH 480 (Readings for Departmental Honors) for a minimum total of 4 credit hours and a maximum total of 6 credit hours. These credits may be taken in one or more semesters of the students’ senior year. The approvals of the department chair, program director and the faculty mentor of the honors work are required for registration. Expectations for these projects are rigorous and demanding and the content of specific honors projects will vary. They might involve independent readings, creative efforts, internships, or research, whether based in the laboratory, field, or library research. The project must result in a tangible product such as an examination, a written report, a paper, or a monograph, an oral presentation, or a documentary.
    4. Departmental Honors in the College may be coordinated and integrated with work for Senior Directed Study in the University Honors Program. A common project may serve both Departmental Honors and University Honors but separate and distinct presentations must be made to the department or program and to the University Honors Program for evaluation to earn both honors notations.

    Students should have the appropriate materials prepared in consultation with the faculty mentor.

    1. A full statement outlining the proposed course of study and project
    2. Bibliography or resource list
    3. Method and basis for evaluation
    4. The Department assumes projects undertaken for Departmental Honors will be presented at the Undergraduate Research Forum.

    Students with Departmental Honors receive a notation on their transcript and wear an honors braid at Commencement. We are so proud of our honors students, we even pay for the braid!