Support the Anthropology Collections

Collage of students working with items from collections

The Anthropology Collections are one of the most impressive assortments of cultural, biological, and archaeological material items owned by a university. It currently contains approximately 20,000 cultural and archaeological artifacts. They have been donated by alumni throughout the years and have hailed from various anthropological adventures around the world. The collections are used for one purpose: teaching. Instructors retrieve relics to provide students with historical contexts and bring anthropology to life. Miami University students have the unique opportunity of working with these pieces and technologies in ways that only graduates students are able to at most universities. The assemblage preserves historical findings for the sole purpose of inspiring students to explore areas of practical learning and engage in new endeavors.

Make a tax-exempt donation to help support curation, preservation, and research using the Anthropology Department Archaeological Collections. Type ANTHROPOLOGY MUSEUM FUND in the comments box to contribute to this fund.