Alumni Career Paths

U.S. News and World Report ranks anthropologist and archaeologist as two of the best science jobs, and our alumni career paths don't stop there.

These are some of the jobs reported by former students on our department surveys

Academic Researcher


Account Executive

Administrative Assistant

Advertising Manager

Airline Pilot

Archaeology laboratory manager


Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Assistant Professor of History

Assistant Registrar

Billing and office assistant

Biomedical Research and Clinical Practice

Blogger and Web text writer

Business account manager

Business Development Coordinator

Child Placing Agency director


Civil Engineer

Civil Rights Activist

Civil Servant

Clinical Research

Associate College Financial Aid Director


Contract Archaeologist


Corporate Director

Cultural Resource Management specialist

CRM Marketing Manager for Chevrolet

Customer experience advocate

Customer service

Cultural Resource Manager


Development Coordinator

Director of Information Technology

Disability Claims Specialist

Diversity Marketing Specialist

Doctor (Cardiologist)

Doctor (Osteologist)

Ecological Activist

English Language Instructor (Chinese private school)

English Language Instructor (Chilean educational foundation)

English Teacher in South Korea

Enterprise GIS manager

Environmental Activist/Organizer

Flight Safety Inspector

Food & Beverage Manager

Government administration

Grant Writer

Historical Interpreter


Hospital Administrator

Hospitality Coordinator

Impact Analyst for Urban Planning Department

Insurance Underwriter

Information Technology Professional

Intelligence Analyst

Latin and Greek Teacher

Lawyer (Business Litigation)

Lawyer (Securities Litigation)

Lawyer (Transactional Law)


Management consultant

Manager of Volunteer Resources for a private foundation

Marketing and Communication Associate

Marketing Director

Marketing Planner

Martial Arts Instructor


Medical Researcher

Membership Manager (magazine publisher)

Membership Manager (non-profit organization)

Museum Curator

Museum Docent

Museum Manager


Network Architect

Office Manager



Park Ranger

Patient Services Specialist


Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Program Director (non-Profit organization)

Program Facilitator (Inner City Youth Program)

Programs and Policy Officer

Registered Nurse

Research Associate

Resource Manager

Site Manager

Sales Manager

Senior scientist at an international health research company

Social media manager

Social Studies Teacher

Sustainable Farmer/Activist

Technical writer

Training Specialist


Travel agency owner

Union vice-president

U.S. Park Ranger

University Admissions officer

University Professor (Anthropology)

University professor (Education)

USAID Program Analyst

Writer and editor