Business Careers

Anthropology has been a hot undergraduate degree for MBAs in Europe for decades and now it is gaining popularity in the U.S.

Why Anthropology is a Hot Degree in Business

This article from USA Today describes why anthropology is “hot” in some business careers, and profiles a number of successful anthropologists-turned-executive.

How anthropology can make businesses more competitive

Anthropological research techniques are different from those of psychology and sociology and are desirable for many competitive businesses.  Check out this slide show to see why.

Doubling Your Degree

“In a competitive market, you need every edge you can get,” reads a recent article in Investopedia. They recommend taking two extra semesters to double up your MBA with a second MA degree. Their top three suggestions: hospitality, cultural anthropology, or communications.

Business Anthropology Journal

Did you know there was a journal devoted to Business Anthropology? Yep. Published by Copenhagen University in Denmark, it features articles, case studies, and field reports designed to develop an understanding of a wide variety of business practices and to bring to bear theoretical contributions from anthropology and related disciplines that may guide business practitioners in their day-to-day working lives.

The International Journal of Business and Social Science also publishes articles by anthropologists.

Blood, Sweat and Anthropology

Blood, Sweat and Anthropology is an anthropology grad's account of how he used business anthropology to build a successful recreational boxing business in a tough market.