Emily Ratvasky

Emily Ratvasky works with the department's artifact collection

Anthropology major Emily Ratvasky (Class of 2020) has been working as an intern with the Department of Anthropology Special Projects under the supervision of Dr. Jeb Card. The Special Projects Internship, led by Dr. Card, is new this academic year and provides opportunities for students interested in archaeology and collections management.

“My fellow interns and I have done a little bit of everything, and it is so cool,” Emily said. “We have inventoried somewhere around 1,300 artifacts (with a whole lot more to go); we are creating an exhibit on Honduran pottery (thought by some to be evidence of Atlantis); we are helping Dr. Scarry create an interactive exercise for ATH 155 [Introduction to Anthropology]; we have put together display cabinets; and we will be doing another display of some Katsina dolls that were donated to the opera. I cannot fathom how I got here as a first-year; it is a wonderful opportunity that I don’t think I would have anywhere else.”