Lori G. Isaacson

Lori G Isaacson


280 Pearson Hall

Biographical Information

I am a neuroscientist interested in the regulation of neuronal survival and the cellular and molecular mechanisms that contribute to neuroprotection following injury. Our research lab studies cell-cell communication in the spinal cord following peripheral nerve injury to determine a) how spinal cord neurons and glial cells communicate with each other in response to peripheral injury, and b) how these communications lead to neuronal survival. In my current NIH funded project, we are examining: 1) how glial cells called microglia signal to other cells following peripheral axon injury; 2) the contribution of the neurotrophin brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) to glial and neuronal plasticity following injury; c) the regulatory influences of the periphery on glial and neuronal activities in the CNS. Students in my lab learn cellular and molecular techniques to examine the retrograde influences of the periphery on the CNS and specifically the mechanisms underlying plasticity in the CNS following peripheral axon injury.

Courses Taught

  • BIO/PSY 159: Introductory Seminar in Neuroscience
  • BIO 201: Human Anatomy
  • BIO 400: Capstone Seminar in Neuroscience
  • BIO 457W/557: Neuroanatomy
  • BIO 710: Topics in Neuroscience: Plasticity and neuronal survival

Recent Publications

  • Hutchinson JM and LG Isaacson. 2019. Elimination of microglia in mouse spinal cord alters the retrograde CNS plasticity observed following peripheral axon injury. Brain Res 1721 (in press)
  • Gannon SM, K Hawk, BF Walsh, AP Coulibaly, LG Isaacson. 2018. Retrograde influences of SCG axotomy on uninjured preganglionic neurons. Brain Res. 1691:44-54.
  • Coulibaly AP, LG Isaacson. 2016. Increased Cx32 expression in spinal cord TrkB oligodendrocytes following peripheral axon injury. Neurosci Lett. 627:115-20.
  • Coulibaly, AP, MR Deer, LG Isaacson. 2014. Distribution and phenotype of TrkB oligodendrocyte lineage cells in adult rat spinal cord. Brain Res 1582:21-33.
  • Coulibaly AP, SM Gannon, K Hawk, BF Walsh, LG Isaacson. 2013. Transection of preganglionic axons leads to CNS neuronal plasticity followed by survival and target reinnervation. Autonomic Neuroscience 179:49-59.
  • Coulibaly AP, LG Isaacson. 2012. Transient changes in spinal cord glial cells following transection of preganglionic sympathetic axons. Autonomic Neuroscience 168(1-2):32-42.
  • Hesp ZC, Z Zhu, TA Morris, RG Walker, LG Isaacson. 2012. Sympathetic reinnervation of peripheral targets following bilateral axotomy of the adult superior cervical ganglion. Brain Research 473:44-54.