Carlos Peredo

Carlos Peredo

Assistant Professor

109 Levey Hall

Biographical Information

My research focuses on understanding the macroevolutionary patterns associated with mammals returning to a marine environment. My lab studies the evolutionary origins of key innovations that facilitate life in the water, such as echolocation in toothed whales and filter feeding in baleen whales. These key innovations represent ecological shifts marked by morphological transformations akin to the transition from scales to feathers in dinosaurs and fins to limbs in tetrapods. My research program uses high resolution CT scanning and 3D modeling of fossils to understand how the return to a marine environment broadly shapes mammalian evolution overall, and to understand the origins of modern groups and their ecologies.

Courses Taught

  • BIOL 115: Biological Concepts
  • BIOL 116: Biological Concepts
  • BIOL 121: Environmental Biology
  • BIOL 201: Human Anatomy

Selected Publications

  • Peredo, C.M., N.D. Pyenson, and M.D. Uhen. 2022. Lateral palatal foramina do not indicate baleen in fossil whales. Scientific Reports 12, 11448.  Read Publication

  • Peredo, C.M., D.N. Ingle, and C.D. Marshall. 2022. Puncture performance tests reveal distinct feeding modes in pinniped teeth. Journal of Experimental Biology 225: 11, jeb244296.  Read Publication

  • Peredo, C.M., and N.D. Pyenson. 2021. Morphological variation of the relictual alveolar structures in the mandibles of baleen whales. PeerJ 9, e11890 Read Publication | Spanish Abstract

  • Groves*, S.L., C.M. Peredo, and N.D. Pyenson. 2021. What are the limits to whale ear bone size? Non-isometric scaling of the cetacean bulla. PeerJ 9, e10882.  Read Publication