Academic Advising

For advising about the Global Miami Plan and College of Arts and Science (CAS) requirements, students can obtain assistance from the CAS advising staff in 146 Upham Hall.

Questions about majors offered by the Department of Biology as well as other curricular issues can be answered by one of the Chief Departmental Advisors: Dr. Susan Hoffman ( Once a student has declared a major in the Department s/he will be assigned a faculty advisor. Darlene Davidson ( can assist students in that process. She is located in 212 Pearson Hall.

In addition, the Department has specific advisors for pre-professional programs:


Ms. Tailyn Walborn
106 PSN 529-3149


Ms. Tailyn Walborn
106 PSN 529-3149

Pre-physical/Occupational Therapy

Ms. Tailyn Walborn
106 PSN 529-3149


Dr. Susan Hoffman
246 PSN 529-3125

Dr. Nancy Solomon
170 PSN 529-5454


Dr. Michael Robinson
258 PSN 529-2353


Dr. Katia Del Rio-Tsonis
244 PSN 529-3128

Pre-physician Assistant

Ms. Tailyn Walborn
106 PSN 529-3149

Medical Lab Science

Dr. Marcia Lee
58 PSN 529-5425


Students can pursue internships at a wide variety of institutions and companies. These can take place during the academic year, the winter term or the summer.

For more information, contact:
Dr. Susan Hoffman
246 Pearson Hall