Career Opportunities

What are the Career Opportunities with a Degree in the Biological Sciences?

A. Employment that may require only an A.B. or B.S. degree in the biological sciences:

1. Research assistant in a university or institutional lab
2. Lab technician at a pharmaceutical or chemical company, hospital, or research lab
3. Salesperson or trainer for a pharmaceutical, chemical, or medical equipment company
4. Environmental analyst/planner for public or private agencies
5. Worker for government agencies like the EPA, Health Department, USDA, etc.
6. Animal keeper, administrator, or educator at a zoo, wildlife park, or botanical garden
7. High school biology teacher (Teach for America or private school)
8. Salesperson, representative, or editor for publications in the life sciences
9. Peace Corps worker
10. Administrator for health care delivery firm
11. Park naturalist or ranger
12. US forest service plant biologist
13. Horticultural or agricultural technician
14. Veterinary assistant
15. Pharmacy technician
16. Any business career that requires a strong background in both the sciences and liberal arts

B. Career positions that usually require additional graduate or professional training:

Health Sciences
1. Medical doctor (MD or DO)
2. Dentist
3. Veterinarian
4. Pharmacist
5. Physician's assistant
6. Advanced nurse (nurse practitioner, midwife, nurse anesthetist, etc.)
7. Optometrist
8. Physical or occupational therapist
9. Genetic counselor
10. Clinical research technician
11. Radiology or medical imaging technician
12. Dental assistant
13. Anesthesiology assistant
14. Veterinary technician/nurse
15. Health care administrator for hospitals, nursing homes, etc.
16. Epidemiologist
17. Podiatrist

18. Research biologist for university, institute, or biotechnology company
19. Staff biologist for wildlife society, wildlife park, botanical garden, etc.
20. Environmental scientist: public health analyst, park manager, toxicologist, etc.
21. Forensic scientist
22. Biology teacher at advanced high school or college level
23. Environmental engineer
24. Specialist in medical or environmental law
25. Salesperson or trainer for advanced medical or research equipment
26. Plant breeder/geneticist
27. Agricultural advisor or extension agent
28. The Master's degree program serves to strengthen a student's understanding of science, and it has helped many undecided students to select a career

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