Ecology and Environmental Biology

Jonathan Bauer | plant ecology; ecological restoration; sustainable agriculture; plant-microbe interactions |

David J. Berg | phylogeography and evolution of aquatic invertebrates; biodiversity and conservation of imperiled aquatic organisms, especially freshwater mussels and desert spring invertebrates |

Michelle D. Boone | conservation biology; amphibian biology; ecotoxicology; disease ecology; land-use impacts; science communication |

Alan B. Cady | terrestrial ecology; spider biology; agroecosystems; generalist predatory arthropods; integrated pest management; behavioral ecology |

Thomas O. Crist | landscape ecology; biodiversity; conservation biology; insect ecology; statistical ecology |

Melany C. Fisk | forest ecosystems; biogeochemistry; soil microbial processes; plant-soil interactions |

Maria J. Gonzalez | aquatic ecology, food web interactions, food chain efficiency, zooplankton-fish interactions |

David L. Gorchov | plant population ecology; biological invasions; invasive plants; seed dispersal |

Tereza Jezkova | biogeography, phylogeography, population and landscape genetics and genomics;  molecular ecology; species responses to climate change; mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and insects |

Brian Keane | animal behavior; behavioral ecology; population genetics; mammalian sociality |

Carolyn H. Keiffer | |

Lesley Knoll |

Kevin Matteson |  |

Christopher A. Myers | ecology and evolutionary biology; community-based conservation; inquiry-driven education; public engagement in science |

Ann L. Rypstra | behavior and ecology of generalist arthropod predators, especially spiders; species interactions; sensory ecology; chemical ecology; sexual selection,; foraging biology; food web interactions; biological control |

Nancy G. Solomon | behavioral ecology, especially social behavior and reproduction of mammals using laboratory and field studies; sociality, including causes and consequences of group living |

M. Henry H. Stevens | community ecology and evolution; theoretical ecology; ecological statistics |

Michael J. Vanni | ecosystem and community ecology; aquatic ecology; food webs; nutrient cycling, especially by animals; watershed ecology and biogeochemistry; impacts of agriculture on aquatic ecosystems |

Craig E. Williamson | global change limnology; lakes as sentinels of climate change; ecology of ultraviolet radiation; zooplankton ecology |