Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology and Genetics

Dawn M. Blitz | neural circuits underlying rhythmic behaviors; cellular and synaptic mechanisms of plasticity; neuromodulation; electrophysiology; confocal microscopy |

Mark Charlton-Perkins | gene expression patterns of retinal and neural development; the genetics of cell morphogenesis and cell shape determination; transcriptional regulation of glia differentiation; the genetics of nervous system diseases |

Katia Del Rio-Tsonis | tissue regeneration; engineering and stem cell biology; developmental biology of animal models; retina and lens development and regeneration |

Richard E. Edelmann | advanced microscopy; electron microscopy; delevopmental cellular ultrastructure; mycology |

Joyce J. Fernandes | neuromuscular development; remodeling of motor circuits; glial ensheathment of peripheral nerves |

Daniel K. Gladish | development of root systems, especially the effects of environmental factors on root development |

Paul A. Harding | ADAM12S; brown adipose tissue; HB-EGF; white adipose tissue; cellular reprogramming |

Susan M. Hoffman | genetic and morphological changes in small mammal populations in response to changing climatic conditions: population genetics; conservation; Peromyscus; climate change |

Paul F. James | molecular physiology of membrane transporters; molecular genetics of sperm physiology; male reproductive biology; epigenetics; engineered modification of the genome; tissue engineering of bone and cartilage |

Tereza Jezkova | biogeography, phylogeography, population and landscape genetics and genomics;  molecular ecology; species responses to climate change; mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and insects |

Kathleen A. Killian | neurobiology; factors regulating adult neurogenesis; insect innate immunity and agonistic behavior |

Andor J. Kiss | comparative biochemistry; physiological genomics; adaptational physiology |

Chun Liang | bioinformatics; biological database; data mining; RNA biology; gene expression and regulation; transposons and repeatome |

Richard C. Moore | plant evolutionary genetics and genomics; evolution of sex chromosomes; plant population genetics; plant domestication |

Joey Ransdell | regulation of membrane excitability in neurons, neural circuit physiology in the cerebellum, ion channels;

Michael L. Robinson | developmental genetics; eye development; differentiation; mouse genetics; embryonic stem cells; transgenic animals; epigenetics |

Jennifer A. Schumacher | zebrafish developmental biology and genetics; cardiovascular development; organogenesis; tissue morphogenesis; cardiac cell differentiation |

Haifei Shi | metabolic contribution of adipose tissue to energy balance and glucose homeostasis; sexual dimorphism in regulation of energy balance |

Yoshinori Tomoyasu | evolutionary developmental biology (evo-devo) using insect wings as a model system |

Jack C. Vaughn | molecular, cellular, developmental and evolutionary biology of gene regulation in Drosophila |