Plant Biology/Botany

Jonathan Bauer | plant ecology; ecological restoration; sustainable agriculture; plant-microbe interactions |

Robert L. Baker | plant evolution & development; morphology, anatomy, gene regulation, and genomics; environmental interactions |

Richard E. Edelmann | advanced microscopy; electron microscopy; developmental cellular ultrastructure; and mycology |

Melany C. Fisk | forest ecosystems; biogeochemistry; soil microbial processes; plant-soil interactions |

Daniel K. Gladish | development of root systems, especially the effects of environmental factors on root development |

David L. Gorchov | plant population ecology; biological invasions; invasive plants; seed dispersal |

John F. Keegan | horticulture; greenhouse management; landscaping; wine education |

Carolyn H. Keiffer |   |

Chun Liang | bioinformatics; biological database; data mining; RNA biology; gene expression and regulation; transposons and repeatome |

Nicholas P. Money | mechanisms of fungal growth, reproduction, and pathogenesis; fungal evolution; indoor molds |

Richard C. Moore | plant evolutionary genetics and genomics; evolution of sex chromosomes; plant population genetics; plant domestication |

M. Henry H. Stevens | community ecology and evolution; theoretical ecology; ecological statistics |

Michael A. Vincent | plant taxonomy and systematics; floristics; invasive plant species; herbarium curation |

Meixia Zhao | plant genetics and epigenetics; comparative genomics and bioinformatics; transposable elements and polyploidy; duplicated gene evolution; Genetic dissection of important agronomic traits |