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Chemistry was first taught at Miami University in 1824 in a first floor room of the building now called Harrison Hall. Chemistry courses/labs were taught in “Old Egypt”, Elliott Hall, Brice Hall, and Kreger Hall and now the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, named in 1996, is housed in Hughes Laboratories. The Department of Chemistry began its Ph.D. program in September 1970. Currently, the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry has 28 full-time faculty members appointed at the Oxford (MUO), Hamilton (MUH), and Middletown (MUM) campuses. There are 23 tenured or tenure-track faculty members (21 at MUO, 1 at MUM, 1 at MUH), 5 lecturers or senior lecturers, 1 instructor, and 3 Ph.D.-level instrumentation specialists.

Miami University's efforts to offer "the best undergraduate experience in the nation" depends on outstanding in-class courses as well as excellent out-of-class opportunities. Independent research is strongly encouraged for all undergraduate majors. Roughly, 50% of our majors conduct 2-3 years of independent research while at Miami. From 2006-13, an average of 144 undergraduates enrolled for independent research per year. From 2006-13, there were at least 202 undergraduate co-authors on 112 peer-reviewed papers and 398 undergraduate co-authors on 236 posters/presentations. Yearly, these students are awarded 24 scholarships totaling well over $100K. From 2006-13, Chemistry/Biochemistry majors were awarded 87 University Summer Scholarships (USS), 32 Dean’s scholars, 72 Undergraduate research awards, and 4 DUOS awards from Miami to conduct research. In addition, from 2006-13, 991 of our majors have appeared on the Dean’s list, 342 have appeared on the President’s list, 4 have earned Department Honors, and 159 have earned University honors. From 2006-12, nine majors received Beckman scholarships, one student received the Goldwater scholarship (a biochemistry major also received one of the 2014 Goldwater scholarships), 1 student received a GSK summer fellowship, and one student was named as an Astronaut scholar. Our majors who have graduated from 2006-13 have distinguished themselves by being awarded seven NSF Predoctoral fellowships and two ACS Scholars scholarships.