student working in lab

Housed in Hughes Laboratories, the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department offers personal education in modern classrooms and laboratories, with opportunities for cutting-edge research on state-of-the-art highly specialized instrumentation, including 200-850 MHz NMR spectrometers, x-ray diffractometers, and the Ohio Advanced EPR Lab.

Our department is deeply committed to Miami University's efforts to offer "the best undergraduate experience in the nation" and we offer a large breadth of chemistry instruction and research in the following areas:

• analytical & organic chemistry
• physical & inorganic chemistry
• chemistry education
• biochemistry & structural biology
• biophysical chemistry
• materials/nanotechnology

Our faculty delivers outstanding in-class instruction and rigorous curriculum while also being committed to providing excellent out-of-class opportunities. Independent research is strongly encouraged for all undergraduate majors and our faculty members are dedicated to mentoring both undergraduate and graduate students on a variety of research projects.

In collaboration with our Alumni Board and the Center for Career Exploration & Success, we connect students with meaningful internship opportunities to apply their learning gains and advance their career aspirations.

Many of our faculty members rank among the top of their field with respect to publications, and undergraduates are routinely included as co-authors on papers as a result of their outstanding research efforts. Our Chemistry/Biochemistry majors are frequent recipients of University awards and scholarships including University Summer Scholarships (USS), Dean’s scholars, and undergraduate research awards. Our majors routinely appear on the Dean’s list, President’s List, and earn Department and University Honors upon graduation. Undergraduates in the Department have been awarded prestigious accolades from external foundations and funding agencies such as the Beckman Scholar, Goldwater Scholar, and Astronaut Scholar awards, predoctoral fellowships from the National Science Foundation, and American Chemical Society Scholar awards.