Alex Danielson

  • Class of 2018, BA Biochemistry, Bachelor of Music in Music Performance
  • The Ohio State University College of Medicine

How did being a Miami chemistry/biochemistry major help you enter medical school?

"Being a Miami biochemistry major helped me immensely with entering medical school.  The Miami Chemistry department faculty did a great job getting to know me and helping me succeed both in the classroom and in my career pursuits.  The biochemistry major courses, especially general chemistry, organic, and biochemistry were excellent preparation for taking the MCAT.  Having a strong science background enabled me to spend more time taking practice exams and less time learning the base material when preparing for the MCAT.  Being a biochemistry major also allowed me to get involved with research early on as an undergraduate.  I was able to work with Dr. Dominik Konkolewicz for four years and he helped me immensely with learning how to conduct research experiments and write manuscripts.  These research experiences resulted in multiple publications that helped my application stand out to medical schools."

How does having been a Miami chemistry/biochemistry major help you currently in medical school?

"Being a graduate of Miami biochemistry has also helped me succeed as a medical student at OSUCOM.  Much of the first year medical school curriculum involves physiological processes based in biochemistry, so having a strong chemistry background has allowed me to pick up concepts faster and retain them more easily.  In addition, my undergraduate research experiences have helped me get involved with medical research here at OSU.  For example, the manuscript writing experiences I gained at Miami recently helped me write a research proposal that resulted in a scholarship to do research at OSU during this upcoming summer."

Any advice for those who would like to go to medical school or who are considering to choose certain majors?

"I would advise any student looking to go to medical school to choose a major that you are passionate about, offers valuable research opportunities, and has faculty that gets to know their students on an individual level.  Being a Miami biochemistry major was great for me in all these regards!"