Publications, 2021

Tuning the molecular weight distributions of vinylketone-based polymers using RAFT photopolymerization and UV photodegradation
Nwoko, Tochukwu; De Alwis Watuthanthrige, Nethmi; Parnitzke, Bryan; Yehl, Kevin; Konkolewicz, Dominik
Polymer Chemistry 2021, 12, 6761–6770

Hydrolytically Stable Maleimide-End-Functionalized Polymers for Site-Specific Protein Conjugation
Wright, Thaiesha A.; Rahman, Monica Sharfin; Bennett, Camaryn; Johnson, Madolynn R.; Fischesser, Henry; Ram, Natasha; Tyler, Amoni; Page, Richard C.; Konkolewicz, Dominik
Bioconjugate Chemistry 2021, 32, 2447–2456

Tailoring Lifetimes and Properties of Carbodiimide-Fueled Covalently Cross-linked Polymer Networks
Dodo, Obed J.; Petit, Leilah; Rajawasam, Chamoni W. H.; Hartley, C. Scott; Konkolewicz, Dominik
Macromolecules 2021, 54, 9860–9867

Ubiquitous Nature of Rate Retardation in Reversible Addition–Fragmentation Chain Transfer Polymerization
Bradford, Kate G. E.; Petit, Leilah M.; Whitfield, Richard; Anastasaki, Athina; Barner-Kowollik, Christopher; Konkolewicz, Dominik
Journal of the American Chemical Society 2021, 143, 17769–17777

A comparison of RAFT and ATRP methods for controlled radical polymerization
Truong, Nghia P.; Jones, Glen R.; Bradford, Kate G. E.; Konkolewicz, Dominik; Anastasaki, Athina
Nature Reviews Chemistry 2021, 5, 859–869

Fluorine Labeling of ortho-Phenylenes to Facilitate Conformational Analysis
Kirinda, Viraj C.; Vemuri, Gopi Nath; Kress, Nicholas G.; Flynn, Kaitlyn M.; Kumarage, Nuwanthika Dilrukshi; Schrage, Briana R.; Tierney, David L.; Ziegler, Christopher J.; Hartley, C. Scott
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 2021, 86, 15085–15095

Are RAFT and ATRP Universally Interchangeable Polymerization Methods in Network Formation?
Cuthbert, Julia; Wanasinghe, Shiwanka V.; Matyjaszewski, Krzysztof; Konkolewicz, Dominik
Macromolecules 2021, 54, 8331–8340

Structural basis of P[II] rotavirus evolution and host ranges under selection of histo-blood group antigens
Xu, Shenyuan; McGinnis, Kristen Rose; Liu, Yang; Huang, Pengwei; Tan, Ming; Stuckert, Michael Robert; Burnside, Riley Erin; Jacob, Elsa Grace; Ni, Shuisong; Jiang, Xi; Kennedy, Michael A.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2021, 118, MISSING DATA

Substituent Effects on Transient, Carbodiimide-Induced Geometry Changes in Diphenic Acids
Jayalath, Isuru M.; Gerken, Madelyn M.; Mantel, Georgia; Hartley, C. Scott
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 2021, 86, 12024–12033

Remote Chemistry Teacher Professional Development Delivery: Enduring Lessons for Programmatic Redesign
Wu, Meng-Yang M.; Magnone, KatieMarie; Tasker, Roy; Yezierski, Ellen J.
Journal of Chemical Education 2021, 98, 2518–2526

Simple polymerization through oxygen at reduced volumes using oil and water
Burridge, Kevin M.; De Alwis Watuthanthrige, Nethmi; Payne, Camryn; Page, Richard C.; Konkolewicz, Dominik
Journal of Polymer Science 2021, 59, 2530–2536

3D-Printed Self-Healing Elastomers for Modular Soft Robotics
Gomez, Eliot F.; Wanasinghe, Shiwanka V.; Flynn, Alex E.; Dodo, Obed J.; Sparks, Jessica L.; Baldwin, Luke A.; Tabor, Christopher E.; Durstock, Michael F.; Konkolewicz, Dominik; Thrasher, Carl J.
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2021, 13, 28870–28877

Two‐Distinct Polymer Ubiquitin Conjugates by Photochemical Grafting‐From
Burridge, Kevin M.; Parnell, Ryan F.; Kearns, Madison M.; Page, Richard C.; Konkolewicz, Dominik
Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 2021, 222, 2100091

Incorporating concept development activities into a flipped classroom structure: using PhET simulations to put a twist on the flip
Wu, Hoi-Ting; Mortezaei, Kiana; Alvelais, Teresa; Henbest, Grace; Murphy, Courtney; Yezierski, Ellen J.; Eichler, Jack F.
Chemistry Education Research and Practice 2021, 22, 842–854

Visualizing the Dynamic Metalation State of New Delhi Metallo-β-lactamase-1 in Bacteria Using a Reversible Fluorescent Probe
Mehta, Radhika; Rivera, Dann D.; Reilley, David J.; Tan, Dominique; Thomas, Pei W.; Hinojosa, Abigail; Stewart, Alesha C.; Cheng, Zishuo; Thomas, Caitlyn A.; Crowder, Michael W.; Alexandrova, Anastassia N.; Fast, Walter; Que, Emily L.
Journal of the American Chemical Society 2021, 143, 8314–8323

Heat‐ and Light‐Responsive Materials Through Pairing Dynamic Thiol–Michael and Coumarin Chemistry
Chakma, Progyateg; Wanasinghe, Shiwanka V.; Morley, Colleen N.; Francesconi, Sebastian C.; Saito, Kei; Sparks, Jessica L.; Konkolewicz, Dominik
Macromolecular Rapid Communications 2021, 42, 2100070

Spectroscopic and biochemical characterization of metallo-β-lactamase IMP-1 with dicarboxylic, sulfonyl, and thiol inhibitors
Zhang, Huan; Yang, Kundi; Cheng, Zishuo; Thomas, Caitlyn; Steinbrunner, Abbie; Pryor, Cecily; Vulcan, Maya; Kemp, Claire; Orea, Diego; Paththamperuma, Chathura; Chen, Allie Y.; Cohen, Seth M.; Page, Richard C.; Tierney, David L.; Crowder, Michael W.
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 2021, 40, 116183

Current Understanding of the Structure and Function of Pentapeptide Repeat Proteins
Zhang, Ruojing; Kennedy, Michael A.
Biomolecules 2021, 11, 638

Folding-controlled assembly of ortho-phenylene-based macrocycles
Kirinda, Viraj C.; Hartley, C. Scott
Chemical Science 2021, 12, 6992–7002

PET-RAFT Polymerization: Mechanistic Perspectives for Future Materials
Allegrezza, Michael L.; Konkolewicz, Dominik
ACS Macro Letters 2021, 10, 433–446

Low ppm CuBr-Triggered Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization under Mild Conditions
Whitfield, Richard; Parkatzidis, Kostas; Bradford, Kate G.E.; Truong, Nghia P.; Konkolewicz, Dominik; Anastasaki, Athina
Macromolecules 2021, 54, 3075–3083

Cytosolic protein quality control machinery: Interactions of Hsp70 with a network of co-chaperones and substrates
Karunanayake, Chamithi; Page, Richard C.
Experimental Biology and Medicine 2021, 246, 1419–1434

Investigating How Assessment Design Guides High School Chemistry Teachers’ Interpretation of Student Responses to a Planned, Formative Assessment
Schafer, Adam G. L.; Yezierski, Ellen J.
Journal of Chemical Education 2021, 98, 1099–1111

Vitrimer Transition Temperature Identification: Coupling Various Thermomechanical Methodologies
Hubbard, Amber M.; Ren, Yixin; Konkolewicz, Dominik; Sarvestani, Alireza; Picu, Catalin R.; Kedziora, Gary S.; Roy, Ajit; Varshney, Vikas; Nepal, Dhriti
ACS Applied Polymer Materials 2021, 3, 1756–1766

Dynamic covalent chemistry for architecture changing interpenetrated and single networks
Wanasinghe, Shiwanka V.; Schreiber, Emily M.; Thompson, Adam M.; Sparks, Jessica L.; Konkolewicz, Dominik
Polymer Chemistry 2021, 12, 1975–1982

Structural Communication between the E. coli Chaperones DnaK and Hsp90
Grindle, Matthew P.; Carter, Ben; Alao, John Paul; Connors, Katherine; Tehver, Riina; Kravats, Andrea N.
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2021, 22, 2200

Measuring Changes in Undergraduate Chemistry Students’ Reasoning with Reaction Coordinate Diagrams: A Longitudinal, Multi-institution Study
Atkinson, Molly B.; Bretz, Stacey Lowery
Journal of Chemical Education 2021, 98, 1064–1076

Visualizing chemistry teachers’ enacted assessment design practices to better understand barriers to “best practices”
Schafer, Adam G. L.; Borland, Victoria M.; Yezierski, Ellen J.
Chemistry Education Research and Practice 2021, 22, 457–475

Carbapenem Use Is Driving the Evolution of Imipenemase 1 Variants
Cheng, Zishuo; Bethel, Christopher R.; Thomas, Pei W.; Shurina, Ben A.; Alao, John-Paul; Thomas, Caitlyn A.; Yang, Kundi; Marshall, Steven H.; Zhang, Huan; Sturgill, Aidan M.; Kravats, Andrea N.; Page, Richard C.; Fast, Walter; Bonomo, Robert A.; Crowder, Michael W.
Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 2021, 65, e01714-20

Tris-(2-pyridylmethyl)amine-ligated Cu(ii) 1,3-diketonate complexes: anaerobic retro-Claisen and dehalogenation reactivity of 2-chloro-1,3-diketonate derivatives
Elsberg, Josiah G. D.; Anderson, Stephen N.; Tierney, David L.; Reinheimer, Eric W.; Berreau, Lisa M.
Dalton Transactions 2021, 50, 1712–1720

Polymer Modification of Lipases, Substrate Interactions, and Potential Inhibition
Rahman, Monica Sharfin; Brown, Julian; Murphy, Reena; Carnes, Sydney; Carey, Ben; Averick, Saadyah; Konkolewicz, Dominik; Page, Richard C.
Biomacromolecules 2021, 22, 309–318

Designing Dynamic Materials from Dynamic Bonds to Macromolecular Architecture
De Alwis Watuthanthrige, Nethmi; Chakma, Progyateg; Konkolewicz, Dominik
Trends in Chemistry 2021, 3, 231–247

Genetic modification of the flavonoid pathway alters growth and reveals flexible responses to enhanced UVB – Role of foliar condensed tannins
Thitz, Paula; Hagerman, Ann E.; Randriamanana, Tendry R.; Virjamo, Virpi; Kosonen, Minna; Lännenpää, Mika; Nyman, Tommi; Mehtätalo, Lauri; Kontunen‐Soppela, Sari; Julkunen‐Tiitto, Riitta
Plant-Environment Interactions 2021, 2, 1–15

The Transient Covalent Bond in Abiotic Nonequilibrium Systems
Kariyawasam, Lasith S.; Hossain, Mohammad Mosharraf; Hartley, C. Scott
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2021, 60, 12648–12658

Investigating high school chemistry teachers’ assessment item generation processes for a solubility lab
Schafer, Adam G. L.; Yezierski, Ellen J.
Chemistry Education Research and Practice 2021, 22, 214–225

Investigating first-year undergraduate chemistry students’ reasoning with reaction coordinate diagrams when choosing among particulate-level reaction mechanisms
Atkinson, Molly B.; Croisant, Michael; Bretz, Stacey Lowery
Chemistry Education Research and Practice 2021, 22, 199–213

Data-driven activity reform: employing design research to improve scaffolding and concept development
Minshall, Brianna L.; Yezierski, Ellen J.
Chemistry Education Research and Practice 2021, 22, 136–145

Polymer grafting from a metallo‐centered enzyme improves activity in non‐native environments
Kovaliov, Marina; Zhang, Borui; Konkolewicz, Dominik; Szcześniak, Katarzyna; Jurga, Stefa; Averick, Saadyah
Polymer International 2021, 70, 775–782

Visualization and Quantification of Electrochemical H2 Bubble Nucleation at Pt, Au, and MoS2 Substrates
Liu, Yulong; Jin, Cheng; Liu, Yuwen; Ruiz, Karla Hernandez; Ren, Hang; Fan, Yuchi; White, Henry S.; Chen, Qianjin
ACS Sensors 2021, 6, 355–363