PhD Alumni (in reverse chronological order)

Angela Glotfelter (2022), The Impact of Analytics on Writing.
Assistant Professor, University of Alabama, Huntsville

Mandy Olejnik (2022), Writing Across the (Graduate) Curriculum: Toward Systemic Change in Graduate Writing Support and Graduate Faculty Development.
Assistant Director, Howe Center for Writing Excellence, Miami University

Megan Schoettler (2022), Feminist Affective Resistance: Literacies and Rhetorics of Transformation.
Assistant Professor, West Chester University (PA)

Caitlin Martin (2021), Facilitating Institutional Change Through Writing Related Faculty Development.
Assistant Professor, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical U (FL)

Yebing Zhao (2021), A Qi Theory of Voice: Cultivating and Negotiating Inventive and Ethical Qi-Voice in Writing. 
Assistant Professor, Shenzen Technology U (China)

Hua Zhu (2020), Forging Inter/connectivity: Enacting the Rhetoric of According-with.
Assistant Professor, University of Utah

Shatha Alali (2019), Business Communication in Global Contexts: Studying the Experiences of Native English Speaking (NES) and Non-Native English Speaking (NNES) Professionals in Multilingual, Multicultural Organizations.
Assistant Professor, Mohammed Al-mana College of Health Science

Kathleen Coffey (2019), Designing Mobile User Experiences for Community Engagement.
Assistant Professor, Indiana State University

Cynthia Johnson (2019), Reinventing Transfer from a Rhetorical Perspective. 
Assistant Professor, University of Central Oklahoma

Caleb Pendygraft (2019),  Animate Literacies. 
Assistant Professor, Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Enrique Paz (2019), Toward Conceptual Change: Conceptions, Activity, and Writing. 
Assistant Professor and Writing Center Director, Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Bridget Gelms (2018), Volatile Visibility: The Effects of Online Harassment on Feminist Circulation and Public Discourse. 
Assistant Professor, San Francisco State University

Patrick Harris (2017), Reconceptualizing Rhetorics of Madness: A Theory of Neurodiversity. Teaching Assistant Professor, University of Nevada-Reno

Keely Mohon-Doyle (2017), Revising the Rhetoric: An Institutional Critique of International Student Orientation and the Rhetorical Representations of International Student Identity.
Assistant Professor, Austin Peay State University (TN)

Jonathan Rylander (2017), Complicated Conversations and Curricular Transgressions: Engaging Writing Centers, Studios, and Curriculum Theory.
Associate Professor and Writing Center Director, University of Wisconsin-Stout

Elizabeth Saur (2017),  Affective Understandings: Emotion and Feeling in Teacher Development and Writing Program Administration.
Lecturer, University of California, Santa Barbara

John Silvestro (2017), Changing the Conversation: A Case Study of Professional, Public Writers Composing Amidst Circulation
Assistant Professor, Slippery Rock University

Jonathan Bradshaw (2016), Rhetorics of Remaining: The Production and Circulation of Cultural Rhetorics in Appalachian Civic Organizations.
Assistant Professor, Western Carolina University

Joseph Burzynski (2016), Climate Change and Composition Studies: The Case for Intervention.  
Assistant Professor, Texas A & M-Texarkana

Dustin Edwards (2016),  Writing in the Flow: Assembling Tactical Rhetorics in an Age of Viral Circulation.
Assistant Professor of Writing and Rhetoric, San Diego State University

Ryan Ireland (2016), From Traditional Memory to Digital Memory Systems: A Rhetorical History of the Library as Memory Space.
Freelance writer and storyteller

Renea Frey (2015), Speaking Truth to Power: Recovering a Rhetorical History of Parrhesia.
Assistant Professor and Director of the Writing Program, Xavier University (OH)

Leigh Gruwell (2015), Multimodal Feminist Epistemologies: Networked Rhetorical Agency and the Materiality of Digital Composing.
Associate Professor, Auburn University

Kevin Rutherford (2015), Pack Your Things and Go: Bringing Objects to the Fore in Rhetoric and Composition.
Lecturer, University of California, Santa Barbara.

Chanon Adsanatham (2014), "Civilized" Manners and Bloody Splashing: Recovering Conduct Rhetoric in the Thai Rhetorical Tradition.
Core Faculty, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Thammasat University (Thailand)

Scott Wagar (2014), Spiritual-but-Not-Religious Discourses in Public Rhetoric and in Composition.
Freelance writer and educator

Lance Cummings (2014), The Rhetoric of Comparison in the YMCA: Belletristic Rhetoric and the Native Speaker Ideal.
Associate Professor, University of North Carolina-Wilmington

Ann Updike (2014), Materiality Matters: Constructing a Rhetorical Biography of Plains Indian Pictography.
Associate Director of Howe Writing Center (retired), Miami University

Lisa Blankenship (2013), Changing the Subject: A Theory of Rhetorical Empathy.
Associate Professor, Baruch College (CUNY)

Dominic Ashby (2013), Enacting a Rhetoric of Inside-Outside Positionalities: From the Indexing Practice of Uchi/Soto to a Reiterative Process of Meaning-Making.
Associate Professor, Eastern Kentucky University

GPat Patterson (2013), Doing Justice: Addressing the LGBTQ-Religious Junction in English Studies.
Associate Professor, Kent State University Tuscarawas

Raina (Bre) Garrett (2012), Corporeal Rhetorics: Embodied Composing and the Teaching of Writing.
Associate Professor and Director of Composition, University of West Florida

Aurora Matzke (2011), Distributed (Un)Certainty: Critical Pedagogy, Wise Crowds, and Feminist Disruption.
Senior Associate Provost, Azusa Pacific University (CA)

Caroline Dadas (2011), Writing Civic Spaces: A Theory of Civic Rhetorics in a Digital Age.
Associate Professor, Montclair State University

Kerrie Carsey (2011), Delivering Faith: Toward a New Theory of Delivery in the Context of Preaching.
Assistant Teaching Professor, First-Year Core, Farmer School of Business, Miami U.

Abby Dubisar (2010), Women for Peace: Gendered Rhetorics in Times of War.
Associate Professor, Iowa State University