PhD Alumni (in reverse chronological order)

Zhu, Hua (2020), Forging Inter/connectivity: Enacting the Rhetoric of According-with. Assistant Professor, University of Utah.

Shatha Alali  (2019),  Business Communication in Global Contexts: Studying the Experiences of Native English Speaking (NES) and Non-Native English Speaking (NNES) Professionals in Multilingual, Multicultural Organizations , Assistant Professor, Mohammed Al-mana College of Health Science

Coffey, Kathleen (2019),  Designing Mobile User Experiences for Community Engagement.  Assistant Professor, Indiana State University

Johnson, Cynthia (2019),  Reinventing Transfer from a Rhetorical Perspective.  Assistant Professor, University of Central Oklahoma.

Pendygraft, Caleb (2019),  Animate Literacies.  Assistant Professor, Massachusetts Maritime Academy.

Paz, Enrique (2019),  Toward Conceptual Change: Conceptions, Activity, and Writing. Assistant Professor and Writing Center Director, Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Gelms, Bridget  (PhD 2018)  Volatile Visibility: The Effects of Online Harassment on Feminist Circulation and Public Discourse. Assistant Professor, San Francisco State University.

Dietz, Gretchen (2017), Reconnecting Rhetoric and Poetics: Style and the Teaching of Writing . Humanities Teacher, Haddonfield Friends School.

Harris, Patrick (Phd 2017),  Reconceptualizing Rhetorics of Madness: A Theory of Neurodiversity. Lecturer, University of Nevada-Reno

Mohon-Doyle, Keely (PhD 2017),  Revising the Rhetoric: An Institutional Critique of International Student Orientation and the Rhetorical Representations of International Student Identity. Assistant Professor and Writing Center Director, North Carolina Wesleyan College.

Rylander, Jonathan  (Phd 2017),  Complicated Conversations and Curricular Transgressions: Engaging Writing Centers, Studios, and Curriculum Theory
Assistant Professor and Writing Center Director, University of Wisconsin-Stout

Saur, Elizabeth (PhD 2017),  Affective Understandings: Emotion and Feeling in Teacher Development and Writing Program Administration
Visiting Assistant Professor, SUNY-Cortland

Silvestro, John (Phd 2017),  Changing the Conversation: A Case Study of Professional, Public Writers Composing Amidst Circulation
Assistant Professor, Slippery Rock University

Bradshaw, Jonathan (PhD, 2016),  Rhetorics of Remaining: The Production and Circulation of Cultural Rhetorics in Appalachian Civic Organizations
Assistant Professor, Western Carolina University

Burzynski, Joseph  (PhD 2016),  Climate Change and Composition Studies: The Case for Intervention 
Assistant Professor, Texas A & M-Texarkana

Edwards, Dustin (PhD, 2016),  Writing in the Flow: Assembling Tactical Rhetorics in an Age of Viral Circulation
Assistant Professor of Writing and Rhetoric, University of Central Florida

Ryan Ireland (PhD, 2016),  From Traditional Memory to Digital Memory Systems: A Rhetorical History of the Library as Memory Space
Publicity / Marketing Coordinator, Greene County Public Library, Ohio

Renea Frey (PhD, 2015), Speaking Truth to Power: Recovering a Rhetorical History of Parrhesia
Assistant Professor, Xavier University; Director, Writing Program

Leigh Gruwell (PhD, 2015), Multimodal Feminist Epistemologies: Networked Rhetorical Agency and the Materiality of Digital Composing.
Assistant Professor, Auburn University

Kevin Rutherford (PhD, 2015), Pack Your Things and Go: Bringing Objects to the Fore in Rhetoric and Composition
Assistant Professor, SUNY Cortland

Chanon Adsanatham (PhD, 2014), "Civilized" Manners and Bloody Splashing: Recovering Conduct Rhetoric in the Thai Rhetorical Tradition
Assistant Professor, University of Maryland (College Park)

Scott Wagar (PhD, 2014), Spiritual-but-Not-Religious Discourses in Public Rhetoric and in Composition
Visiting Assistant Professor, Miami University

Lance Cummings (PhD, 2014), The Rhetoric of Comparison in the YMCA: Belletristic Rhetoric and the Native Speaker Ideal
Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina--Wilmington

Ann Updike (PhD, 2014), Materiality Matters: Constructing a Rhetorical Biography of Plains Indian Pictography
Associate Director of Howe Writing Center, Miami University

Lisa Blankenship (PhD, 2013), Changing the Subject: A Theory of Rhetorical Empathy
Assistant Professor, Baruch College (CUNY)

Dominic Ashby (PhD,2013), “Enacting a Rhetoric of Inside-Outside Positionalities: From the Indexing Practice of Uchi/Soto to a Reiterative Process of Meaning-Making”
Assistant Professor, Eastern Kentucky University

G Patterson  (PhD, 2013) “Doing Justice: Addressing the LGBTQ-Religious Junction in English Studies”
Assistant Professor, Ball State University

Raina Garrett (PhD, 2012) Corporeal Rhetorics: Embodied Composing and the Teaching of Writing
Assistant Professor and Director of Composition, University of West Florida

Aurora Matzke (PhD, 2011) Distributed (Un)Certainty: Critical Pedagogy, Wise Crowds, and Feminist Disruption
Assistant Professor and Writing Program Co-Director, Biola University

Caroline Dadas (PhD, 2011) Writing Civic Spaces: A Theory of Civic Rhetorics in a Digital Age
Assistant Professor, Montclair State University

Kerrie Carsey (PhD, 2011) Delivering Faith: Toward a New Theory of Delivery in the Context of Preaching
Assistant Professor, York College of Pennsylvania

Abby Dubisar (PhD, 2010) Women for Peace: Gendered Rhetorics in Times of War
Assistant Professor, Iowa State University

Wioleta Fedeczko (PhD, 2010) The “Good Citizen” Participates in Civic (In)Action: A Rhetorical Analysis of the Naturalization Process in the United States
Assistant Professor and Director of Composition, University of South Dakota

Denise Landrum-Geyer (PhD, 2010) Excavating the Essay: A ‘Generic’ Approach to Understanding Invention in the Composition Classroom
Assistant Professor, Southwest Oklahoma State University

Lisa Suter (PhD, 2009) The American Delsarte Movement and the New Elocution: Gendered Rhetorical Performance from 1880-1905
Assistant Professor, University of Tampa

Margaret Thomas Evans (PhD, 2009) Available Means in Cyberage Women’s Organization Websites
Honors Program Director, Indiana University East

Cristy Beemer (PhD, 2008) ”Usurping Authority in the Midst of Men”: Mirrors of Female Ruling Rhetoric in the Sixteenth Century
Assistant Professor, University of New Hampshire

Sarah Bowles (PhD, 2008) Troublesome Inventions: The Rhetorics of the Hindman Settlement School, 1902-1927
Assistant Professor, Belmont University

Jen Cellio (PhD, 2008) “More Children from the Fit, Less from the Unfit”: Discourses of Hereditary Fitness and Reproductive Rhetorics, Post-Darwin to the Twenty-first Century
Assistant Professor and Director of the Writing Instruction Program, Northern Kentucky University

Rebecca Fleming Safa (PhD, 2008) The Role of Evangelical Education in Women’s Rhetorical Preparation and Performance: 1803-1853
Instructor, Columbus State Community College

Timothy Smith (PhD, 2008) The Language of Paradox and Poetics: A Comparative Study of Zhuangzi and Kierkegaard
Assistant professor and Chair of the English Department New York University of Science and Technology, Nanjing Campus, China

Melissa Faulkner (PhD, 2007) Re/Locating Students: A Story of Transition from Two-Year to Four-Year Institutions
Assistant Professor, Cedarville University

Vail MacGuire (PhD, 2007) Unlikely Connections: The Intersections of Composition, Rhetoric, and Christian Theology
Professor, Kettering College of Medical Arts

Lisa Shaver (PhD, 2006) Turning from the Pulpit to the Pews: Women’s Rhetorical Roles in the Antebellum Methodist Church
Assistant Professor, Baylor University

Jay Dolmage (PhD, 2006) Metis: Disability, Rhetoric, and Available Means
Assistant Professor, University of Waterloo (Canada)

Connie Kendall-Theado (PhD, 2005) The Worlds We Deliver: Confronting the Consequences of Believing in Literacy
Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati

Brenda Helmbrecht (PhD, 2004) The Pedagogy of Pleasure: Rhetoricizing Media for the Composition Classroom
Associate Professor and Director of Writing. California Polytechnic State University

Dominic Micer (PhD, 2004) Another Philosophy, Another Composition
Assistant Professor, Purdue University-North Central

Kimberly Murray (PhD, 2004) Signs and Wonders: Reason and Religion in Social Turmoil
Coordinator of the University Writing Center, University of Central Florida

Pamela Tyahur (PhD, 2004) Changing Diversity in the Composition Classroom non-tenure position
Instructor, Miami University, Hamilton

Shevaun Watson (PhD, 2004) Unsettled Cities: Rhetoric and Race in the Early Republic
Assistant Professor and Director of Composition, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire

Moira K. Amado-McGittigan (PhD, 2003) Rhetoric and Revolution: An Apology for Modesty, Responsibility, and Pragmatism in a Post-Fascist Era
President, Kairos Communication Architects

Meredith Love (PhD, 2003) The Writer’s Stage: Rehearsing the Performative Possibilities of Composing
Assistant Professor, Francis Marion University

Thomas Pace (PhD, 2003) Style and Its Place in the Teaching of Writing
Associate Professor and Director of First-Year Writing, John Carroll University

James McFadden (PhD, 2002) Genre as Administered Social and Rhetorical Activity: The Development of Family Service Case Recording

Andrea Beck (PhD, 2001) To Be a Good American: Jewish Women’s Writing Groups in Cincinnati from 1914-1950

Heidi Huse (PhD, 2001) Through the Barrel of a Gun: Analyzing "Loaded" Rhetorics and Ethics in 21st Century Public Argument
Associate Professor, University of Tennessee, Martin

Kevin Mahoney (PhD, 2001) Literacies for the Long Haul: Radical Teaching, Social Movements, and Spaces of Hope in the Age of Neoliberal Globalization
Assistant Professor, Kutztown University

Pegeen Reichert Powell (PhD, 2001) Writing Skills and Changing Standards in Composition Pedagogy, Educational Policy, and Public Debate
Assistant Professor, Columbia College Chicago

Kay Siebler (PhD, 2001) Teacherly Acts of Transgression: How Feminist Educators are Changing Composition
Associate Professor and Director of Composition, Missouri Western State University

Parag Budheca (PhD, 2000) Writing as a Practice of Community: A Critical Postmodernist Pedagogy of Fiction Writing in the Composition Classroom

Scott Lyons (PhD, 2000) Rhetorical Sovereignty: American Indian Writing as Self-Determination
Assistant Professor, Syracuse University

Gwendolyn D. Pough (PhD, 2000) Rhetorical Disruptions: Black Public Cultures and the Public Sphere
Associate Professor, Syracuse University
2011 Chair of the, Conference on College Composition and Communication

Erica Scott (PhD, 2000) Identity Performativity: The Nature and Consequences of Text-Based Construction of Student Identity by College Composition Teachers
Associate Professsor, Slippery Rock University

Shannon Wilson (PhD, 2000) The Rhetoric of Rights and Choice: Public Education and Narratives of Individualism
Visiting Assistant Professor, Miami University, Middletown

Carmiele Y. Wilkerson Foster (PhD, 1999) Motives to Speak Jamaican Patwah: A Rhetorical Analysis of National Identity Through the Use of Nation Language

Marsha Karen Powers-Stubbs (PhD, 1999) The Nature of Language/The Language of Nature: Rhetorics of Environmental (In)Justice
Assistant Professor, Kent State University

Linda Parks (PhD, 1999) Disturbing Discourses: Language Violence In Institutional Sites
Retired from tenure-track position

Malea Powell (PhD, 1998) I Write These Words with Blood and Bones: Late Nineteenth Century American Indian Intellectuals and a Rhetoric of Survivance
Associate Professor and Director of Rhetoric & Writing, Michigan State University
2011 Program Chair of the Conference on College Composition and Communication

Robert L. Broad (PhD, 1994) Working in the City: Building Community and Negotiating Difference in a Portfolio Assessment Program
Professor, Illinois State University

Laurel Johnson Black (PhD, 1993) Language, Power, and Gender in Student-Teacher Conferences
Associate Professor, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Reynolds, Nedra (PhD, 1991) Composition's Ethos in the 1970s: Locations, Subjects, and Practices
Professor, University of Rhode Island

(Note: List is complete from 1999-present. Selected prior to 1999.)