Current Comp/Rhet Grad Students

MA Students

Erin Goff

BS, Ball State University

Research Interests: writing for well-being (healing and coping), the impact of writing on adolescent development, and spoken word poetry

Karyn KeaneKaryn Keane

BA, Longwood University

Research Interests: first-year pedagogy, social justice/activist rhetoric, and writing center theory/administration

Alex MashnyAlex Mashny

BA, Miami University

Research Interests: Cultural rhetoric, Social activism, Middle Eastern and North African rhetorics, Kenneth Burke, Comparative Rhetorics, and Public Rhetoric

Soumya Trivedi

BA, Miami University

Lauren WhiteheadLauren Whitehead

BA, SUNY Cortland

Research Interests: queer theory, feminist theory, and multimodal spaces of inquiry

PhD Students

Manea Alharbi

MA, Murray State University
BA, Murray State University

Research Interests: second language writing, composition pedagogy, writing centers

Shatha Alhubail

MA, University of Dayton
BA, University of Damman

Destiny Brugman

MA, Western Washington University
BA, Montana State University

Research Interests: digital communities, writing centers, new materialism, online writing instruction, hospitality and compassion pedagogical practices, feminist rhetoric

Will Chesher

MA, Ball State University
BA, John Brown University

Research Interests: graduate student writers, research methods and methodologies, writing pedagogy, administration

Laura Edwards

MA, University of Dayton
BA, Cedarville University

Research Interests: writing center, digital rhetoric, feminist theory, and pop culture

Angela Glotfelter

MA, Miami University
BA, York College of Pennsylvania

Research Interests: composition pedagogy, writing centers, undergraduate research

Salma Kalim

MA & M.phil, International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan
BA, The University of Punjab, Pakistan

Research Interests: social media, digital rhetorics, critical discourse analysis, nationalism

Alan Knowles

MA, Wright State University
BA, Wright State University

Linford Lamptey

MA, Michigan Tech University
BA, University of Ghana

Research Interests:

Kyle Larson

MA, Miami University
BA, New College of University of Florida

Research Interests: (counter)public writing and rhetorics, social activism, critical pedagogy, writing centers



Morgan Leckie

MA, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
BA, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Research Interests: Digital and feminist rhetoric, rhetorics of reproduction, feminist writing pedagogy



Brian Leingang

MA, Wright State University
BA, Miami University

Research Interests: composition pedagogy, developmental writing, assessment, placement, rural literacies, community colleges, and bridging the gap between high school and college

Yan Li

MA, Zhejiang University
BA, Hebei University

Research Interests: writing center pedagogy, second language writing, composition theories, comparative rhetoric

Heather Listhartke

MA, Middle Tennessee State University
BA, University of Tennessee-Knoxville

Research Interests: digital rhetoric and composition, public rhetorics, new media theory, WAC/WID, and digital humanities

Anita Long 
Research Interests:

Christopher Maggio

MA, Miami University
BA, Capital University

Research Interests: learning transfer, composition pedagogy, professional writing

Caitlin MartinCaitlin Martin

MA, Miami University
BS, Indiana University

Research Interests: writing assessment, theories of transfer, writing pedagogy, and WAC/WID programs

Mandy Olejnik

MA, Miami University 
BA, Oakland University

Research Interests: undergraduate writing majors, civic engagement, threshold concepts, transfer, writing centers, writing program administration

Brad Reitz

MA, English Texas State University, 1993
BA, English, University of Texas, 1990

Research Interests: business writing, intercultural communication and pedagogy

Adrian Rivera

MA, University of Puerto Rico
BA, Indiana U-Purdue U

Research Interests:

Megan Schoettler

MA, Miami University
BA, York College of Pennsylvania

Research Interests: Feminist rhetorics and pedagogies, composition pedagogies and administration, teacher preparation, social justice rhetorics, social media, and undergraduate research

Eric Cody Smothers

MA, Eastern Kentucky University
BA, Asbury University

Research Interests: multi-media texts, visual rhetoric, creative mediums/writing, technology/humanity studies, science fiction/horror literature, and film as a form of composition/art studies.

Lydia Allison

MA, Bradley University
BA, Bradley University

Research Interests: composition theory, composition pedagogy, and public rhetorics

Ryan Vingum

MA, Miami University
BA, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Research Interests: writing centers, online writing instruction, social media

Yebing Zhao

MA, Miami University
BA, Sun Yat-sen University

Research Interests: comparative rhetoric, second language writing education, multilingual writing, cross-cultural communication, applied linguistics, systemic functional linguistics