Current Creative Writing Grad Students

Creative Nonfiction and Fiction MFA Students


Matthew BoyarskyMatthew Boyarsky

BA, Bloomsburg State College

Creative and Research Interests: short fiction, flash fiction, magic realism, humor, and gender studies

Laura GaddisLaura Gaddis 

MS, Loyola College
BS, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Creative and Research Interests: creative nonfiction, memoir, personal essay, braided essays

Rachel Giesel-GrimmRachel Giesel Grimm

BA, Allegheny College

Creative and Research Interests: novel writing, short fiction, identity literature, feminism, magical realism, hybrid forms, experimental storytelling

Samuel GutelleSamuel Gutelle 

BA, Northwestern University 

Creative and Research Interests: digital media, internet-age issues, narrative journalism, historical studies, cultural curiosities, and food writing

Madison KrobMadison Krob

BFA, Chatham College  

Creative and Research Interests: digital humanities, constructed realities, interactive & immersive mediums, accessible and engaged pedagogy, landscapes of rurality & identity, virtual media and the space of storytelling 

Chris MurphyChris Murphy

BA, Lafayette College 

Creative and Research Interests: the short story, war writing, medical humanities 

Frenci NguyenFrenci Nguyen

BA, University of North Texas 

Creative and Research Interests: hermit crab essays, cultural identity, cultural diaspora, LGBT studies/issues, personal narrative essays, and memoirs

Louisa PavlikLouisa Pavlik

BA, Loras College

Creative and Research Interests: investigative & immersion journalism, humor, political & social commentary, memoir 

Jen SammonsJen Sammons

M.Ed, Antioch University
BA, Ohio Wesleyan University

Creative and Research Interests: creative/literary nonfiction, lyric essay, hybrid forms, poetry, sound writing, writing as activism, and critical pedagogy

Brianna Verdugo-ChowBrianna Verdugo-Chow

MA, California State University
BA, California State University 

Creative and Research Interests: ghosts, ghouls, and goblins; Karl Marx and the devil

AZ ZahoorAZ Zahoor

BA, Forman Christian College

Creative and Research Interests: narrative stylistics; prose poem; rhetoric of fiction; poetics of Charles Baudelaire

Poetry MFA Students

Sara BaxterSarah Baxter

MA, Indiana University East 
BA, Indiana University East 

Creative and Research Interests: 20th-century American poets and the New York School of Poetry

Ariel Clark-SemyckAriel Clark-Semyck

BA, University of Notre Dame 

Creative and Research Interests: gurlesque and confessional poetry, gender studies, therapeutic writing, performance writing, camp, and parody 

Dylan EckerDylan Ecker

BA, The Ohio State University

Creative and Research Interests: Spliced+chopped form, contemporary Japanese poetry, orogenesis, love letters, video game discourse, ornithological onomatopoeia, the temperature of language

Nate HoilNathan Hoil

BA, University of Iowa 

Creative and Research Interests: 

Jack NachmanovitchJack Nachmanovitch

BA, Pratt 

Creative and Research Interests: Poetries of excess, overflow, estrangement, new and old. Surreal writing. Experimental writing. Post-conceptual writing. Evolution, geology, cosmogony. Feedback loops between micro and macro. 

Trevor RootTrevor Root

BA, Duquesne University

Creative and Research Interests: experimental poetry, procedural poetics, radical politics and philosophy, and film studies

Low Residency MFA Students: Creative Nonfiction, Fiction, and Poetry

Letta CartlidgeLetta Cartlidge

BA, St. Olaf College

Creative and Research Interests: nonfiction, fiction and poetry

Tyler ElstonTyler Elston

BA, Cleveland State University

Creative and Research Interests: contemporary fantasy, historical fiction, magical realism, speculative fiction, and young adult fiction; with interest in societal and cultural expectations and character psychology

Ray EngleRay Engle

M.Ed, Wright State University
BA, Wright State University

Creative and Research Interests: horror, realistic fiction, memoir, young adult fiction, travel writing

Brian FrazierBrian Frazier

MA, Wayne State University
BA, Oakland University

Creative and Research Interests: writing fiction with a poetic slant; grey characters, and exploring beauty and individuals within more economically depressed areas/neighborhoods

Bing HintonBing Hinton

MD, Medical University of South Carolina
BA, Bucknell University

Creative and Research Interests: creative nonfiction, memoir, hybrid forms, narrative approaches

Jordan KingJordan King

MS, Central Michigan University
BA, Chapman University

Creative and Research Interests: Sci-fi, transgressive fiction, horror and absurdism

Scott KraveScott Krave

BA, Aurora University

Creative and Research Interests: the liberative poetic

Matthew LudwigMatthew Ludwig

BS, US Military Academy, West Point

Creative and Research Interests: short stories and outdoor writing

Andy LindenfeldAndy Lindenfeld

BS, Miami University

Creative and Research Interests: personal essays, literary journalism, fiction; particular interest in worldbuilding, discussing and unpacking mental health issues, and writing fantasy and science fiction (esp. for tabletop games)

Roy NickersonRoy Nickerson

MA, University of Pittsburgh
BA, Western Kentucky University

Creative and Research Interests: contemporary fiction, comedy, contemporary fantasy, speculative fiction, political-military thrillers, crime fiction, flash fiction, young adult fiction, character development, creative nonfiction

Whitney Shupert

BA, College of Wooster

Creative and Research Interests: 

John SpiegelJohn Spiegel

BS, Cedarville College

Creative and Research Interests: poetry, fiction, prose poetry, and creative nonfiction. Finding the beautiful and poetic within the mundane and everyday.

Andrea SurovaAndrea Surova

BA, Boston College

Creative and Research Interests: historical fiction and literary fantasy, songwriting, foreign language acquisition, early child development, and the history of communism and Eastern Europe

Sally ZiphSally Ziph

MLS, University of Michigan
BA, University of Wisconsin

Creative and Research Interests: experimental poetry, the prose poem, flash fiction; with a particular interest in humor and surrealism