Summer Residency 2017 ~ July 29-August 5



SAT 7/29        Opening Reception                                                    BK Loren                                     BK Loren

SUN 7/30       BK Loren                                                                    Jackie Mitchard                           Jim Heynen

MON 7/31      Jeff Allen                                                                   Laura Van Prooyen                       Jeff Allen

TUES 8/1       Lillian-Yvonne Bertram                                             Alissa Nutting                              Lillian-Yvonne Bertram

WED 8/2        Sleep-in Wednesday-No Event                                Jeff Kleinman                          Eric Goodman & Laura Van Prooyen

THURS 8/3     Ann Garvin                                                              Josip Novakovich                           Ann Garvin & Hugh Sheehy

FRI 8/4          Hugh Sheehy                                                           Hoa Nguyen                                   Alissa Nutting

SAT 8/5          Jim Heynen 


Daily Craft Chats will be held in the Bachelor Reading Room at 10:00 am, except on Saturday, 8/5, when Jim Heynen’s Craft Chat will commence at 9:30 am. Craft Chats are open only to students and faculty of the Low-Residency MFA.

  • 7/29     Opening Reception – No Craft Chat 
  • 7/30     BK Loren: Form Without Formula: Emotional Chronology in Creative Prose
  • 7/31     Jeff Allen: Layering and the Psychology of Form
  • 8/1       Lillian-Yvonne Bertram:  Make It Strange
  • 8/2       Sleep-In Wednesday  -  No Morning Craft Chat
  • 8/3       Ann Garvin: SCENE versus SUMMARY: Using Sensory and Immersive Detail to Include the Reader
  • 8/4       Hugh Sheehy: Stories within Stories: Building Subtext
  • 8/5       Jim Heynen:  Crafting a Writer’s Life


Afternoon Events at the Winter Residency will take place in the Bachelor Reading Room.  They will begin at 3:30 pm, and are open to the wider Miami University Creative Writing community.

  • 7/29   BK Loren, Craft Chat: Magic in the Details: Essential Elements of Narrative Prose  
  • 7/30   Jackie Mitchard, Craft Chat: Naming the Baby: How to Create the Most Memorable Title
  • 7/31   Laura Van Prooyen, Craft Chat   Do I contradict myself? Very well, I contradict myself: The Art of Paradox.
  • 8/1     Alissa Nutting: Fulfilling Unfulfillment: The Uses of Bad Sex in Good Fiction.
  • 8/2     Jeff Kleinman, literary agent: Secrets of Query Letters
  • 8/3     Josip Novakovich, Craft Chat:  The Art of Painting in Words
  • 8/4     Hoa Nguyen, Craft ChatOn the Palimpsest


Readings are open to members of the Low-Residency MFA, the wider Miami University Creative Writing Community, and to the General Public. All readings will begin at 5:00 pm in the Shriver Center Bookstore.  

  • 7/29  Essayist and Fiction Writer BK Loren
  • 7/30  Fiction Writer Jim Heynen
  • 7/31  Fiction Writer Jeffery Renard Allen
  • 8/1    Poet Lillian-Yvonne Bertram
  • 8/2    Fiction Writer Eric Goodman and Poet Laura Van Prooyen
  • 8/3    Ann Garvin and Hugh Sheehy
  • 8/4    Fiction Writer Alissa Nutting