Student Testimonials

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"The Low Residency MFA at Miami University has massively impacted my writing. The instructors are top notch, the residencies are intense in all the right ways and the assigned individualized readings have been greatly influential. Because of this program, I am a better writer with a newfound sense of confidence. I cannot recommend the program enough, especially for working professionals." – Jason Sender

"The Winter 2017 week-long Residency made me, for the first time in my life, think like a writer and understand what that really means. The talks, workshops and readings were nonstop and required me to focus my brain on the practice and process of writing. It was invaluable for my development as a writer." – Brian Baer

"In addition to introducing me to a group of peers who provided genuine and intelligent feedback on my submitted work, the residency offered daily expert presentations on the writer's craft that I continue to reflect on every evening when I sit down to write." – Michael Schmidt

"Simply put, my first Summer Residency has restored my sight, my insight—it’s more than I had hoped for. Hoa Nguyen is terrific, fantastic, really. I couldn’t have been connected with a better mentor for where I am as a poet right now. I’ve never felt better, stronger, more confident about my writing/poetry all due to spending time in such a personal space with the other poets/writers, with Hoa and our group, and having time to think and write. I would be remiss too if I didn’t mention the outstanding mentors and writers… it feels good, really affirming, to be a part of the program." – Dameion Wagner

"The community of the low-res MFA is unlike any I've encountered. I am challenged to implement new techniques in my fiction and am strengthened by the support of my mentors and peers. The combination of workshops and craft chats fostered personal growth that will continue into the next semester. I had a wonderful time this residency and feel very blessed to be a part of this program. I can't wait for January!" – Meredith Hughes

"The low-res MFA program is well-designed, with a nice mix of practice, theory and practical/career considerations as part of the course content. The small class size made for an intensive, but not overwhelming, experience. Working several hours a day with Hoa Ngyuen and the other poetry students was reassuring and allowed for us to form into a supportive group quickly." – Kimberly Jacobs-Beck

"My time has been well spent at the Miami Ohio low-residency MFA program. I was incredibly impressed both by the diversity of the readers/mentors, and by their willingness to personally work with me to hone my craft. A strong program that only shows signs of improving." – Gavin Wichman

MFA Workshop

"Get ready for the writer's reckoning." – Ronnie Gladden

"The craft lectures were very productive. Each lecture was unique, different and engaging. The evening readings were perfect. I really enjoyed them in the bookstore. I also enjoyed them in the English Department." – Ben Bolger

"The residency has been very useful. The craft talks have encouraged me to think about introducing new elements to my writing and have provided me with some strategies to strengthen my fiction. The workshops have been useful, and my classmates have provided a tremendous, supportive community. Most of all, I'm grateful for the guidance of our mentors, who've been encouraging and have spoken with insight about ways we can improve our writing." – Casey McConahay

"I had a wonderful time at the first residency. The craft talks, the workshops, and the daily conversations and advice about writing from Jim Heynen and Jaquelyn Mitchard, not to mention the relationships I began to build with the other writers in my cohort, made for a productive, engaging, memorable first week. The workshops were helpful, productive, informative and inspiring, but I also appreciated time in the schedule to be on my own between the workshop and craft talks." – Robin Littell