Graduate Achievements

Fellowships, Grants, and Awards

  • Jeff Carr: George Mills Harper Graduate Student Travel Fund Award from the South Atlantic Modern Language Association (2018)
  • Sam Hunter: Thesis Completion Grant, The Graduate School (2019)
  • Dinidu Karunanayake: Connected Academics Career Development Boot Camp Fellowship and Travel Grant, Modern Language Association (2018)
  • Casey Kuhajda: Outstanding Graduate Student in Literature (2019)
  • Sandamini Ranwalage: Carolyn Washburn Houtchens Award in Literature (2018)
  • Cynthia Smith: Albert M. Greenfield Foundation Long-term Fellowship, Library Company of
    Philadelphia (2018-19); Harriet Beecher Stowe Society, Up and Coming Scholar Award (2018); Outstanding Teaching Award, Miami University (2016); Mary Catherine Mooney Short-term Fellowship, Boston Athenaeum (2020); Midwest Modern Language Association Short-term Fellowship, Newberry Library (2020); Winterthur Museum, Garden, and Library Short-Term Fellowship (2020); Margaretta "Happy" Rockefeller Summer Research Fellowship, Women’s History Institute, Historic Hudson Valley (2019)
  • Brenda Tyrrell: Dartmouth Futures of American Studies Institute (Summer 2019); Graduate Achievement Award (2019)
  • Nicolyn Woodcock: Graduate Students' Achievement Award, Miami University Graduate School (2018)


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Conference Presentations

Graduate students in Literature have recently presented at the following conferences:

  • Altman Symposium
  • American Literature Association
  • Association for Asian American Studies
  • Catharine Maria Sedgwick Society Symposium
  • College Composition and Communication Conference
  • Critical Ethnic Studies Association
  • DC Queer Studies Symposium
  • Faulkner Studies Colloquium
  • Graduate Research Forum
  • International Writing Center Association Conference
  • MEGAA Symposium
  • Midwest Victorian Studies Association
  • Modern Language Association
  • Modernist Studies Association
  • Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States
  • Newberry Center for Renaissance Studies Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Conference
  • New Horizons: A Symposium for Miami University Graduate Students
  • Ohio State Medieval and Renaissance Graduate Student Association Symposium
  • Popular Culture Association
  • Race, Class, Gender, Sexuality Symposium
  • South Atlantic Modern Language Association
  • Sri Lanka Graduate Student Conference, Cornell University
  • The Society for the Study of Multi-ethnic Literature of the United States
  • Virginia Woolf Society

Recent PhD program placement

  • Christian B. Williams (2018) Ohio State University, Literature Ph.D. Program
  • Sam Hunter (2019) UCLA, Cinema & Media Studies Ph.D. Program
  • Sandamini Ranwalage (2019) Miami University, Literature Ph.D. Program

Recent Job Placement

  • Catherine Tetz (2019) Assistant Professor, Pacific Union College
  • Dinidu Karunanayake (2019) Visiting Assistant Professor of English, Centre College
  • Nicolyn Woodcock (2019) Visiting Assistant Professor of American Multiethnic Literature, Colorado College