Teaching Opportunities for Literature Graduate Students

Teaching in the Literature Major

PhD students at Miami have the opportunity to teach within the department’s Literature major. Current PhD students teach courses such as surveys in American and English Literature, Advanced Composition, and Digital Humanities— this teaching experience often helps our students find successful tenure-line positions. In addition, graduate students have opportunities to teach in other programs, such as Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Asian and Asian American Studies, and Film Studies.

Teaching Apprenticeships in Literature

Doctoral students who complete a required apprenticeship with a tenure-line professor have opportunities to teach a literature survey course. The apprenticeship may be completed any time before the apprentice first teaches his or her own section of the course. Apprenticeships are designed to assure the quality of instruction in Miami Plan literature survey courses, to give graduate students practical training in the teaching of literature surveys, and to provide graduate students with a faculty contact who can write a detailed letter in support of their teaching. Potential apprentices are strongly encouraged to apply to teach in the area of their scholarly expertise. The department expects doctoral candidates to apprentice in the actual course they will teach, except in the case of unusual staffing conflicts. Thus, potential apprentices are encouraged to apply, well in advance of their initial teaching semester, for an apprenticeship with an appropriate member of the graduate faculty.

Humanities Center  Altman Graduate Fellowships

The Altman Graduate Fellowship permits a graduate student to join our Altman Program faculty research group—ten professors and six or more undergraduate and graduate students from a range of academic disciplines. Each year, this group studies an issue of consequence through a special faculty seminar and a series of public lectures, conferences, and other events. Two Altman Faculty Fellows also teach a special 400-level course related to the topic of the Altman Program, and the program often includes other courses, symposia, exhibits, or performances.

TA for Large Lecture Class

The English Department offers large lecture courses taught by a professor with breakout discussion sections lead by teaching assistants. This is a good opportunity for graduate students to gain more teaching experience in a variety of subjects. In the past, graduate students have been TAs for ENG/FST 220, “Literature and Film,” with Dr. Katie Johnson..