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OWP workshops, whether offered on Miami's campus, off-site, or online, all focus on the best in contemporary theory and practice, involve active participation, and support teachers as they build skills across all areas of literacy.

For information or registration email: ohiowritingproject@miamioh.edu

Oct 18 – Nov 12:Implementing Literacy Practices

As teachers attending conferences, learning in professional development and taking workshops, we learn new ideas that we take back to our classrooms and practices. But, too often, we do this in isolation. Join OWP for a month long Implementing Literacy Practices workshop. This workshop focuses on implementing literacy practices learned at the OWP Teacher Conference, in OWP Professional Development at a school and/or from readings selected by the instructor. Teachers will be implementing literacy practices in their classroom, setting goals and inquiry questions, reflecting on their reading and teaching practice, and responding to peers.

This workshop is entirely online, for one month. One graduate credit.

Nov 6 & 7: Weekend Workshop at Miami’s

Media and News Literacy: Reading the World and Information

Literacy, lit-er-uh-see.

n. The quality or state of being literate, especially the ability to read and write. n.understanding of something.

We have a sense of what literacy means in its most basic definition - reading and writing. But what does it mean when applied to media, to news, to information and the world around us? Students are surrounded by a constant stream of information, text, and media. How do we help them be literate about what and how to read the world around them? And, how do we, as teachers, be sure we are bringing reliable resources to the classroom?

In this OWP workshop, we’ll explore what it means to expand the definition or literacy to include teaching students to be literate about the texts they encounter in the world and in their research. We’ll review current research and resources to teach critical viewing and response to text. We’ll analyze methods for teaching engaged and active readers of news and information and media. We’ll participate and plan lessons to support reading of news and social media, to develop research information strategies and to create media and information responses. You will leave with an expanded definition around news, media and information literacy and practical classroom strategies to use in your K-12 classroom for students and yourself.

One semester hour of graduate credit.


Weekend Workshop: March 5 & 6, 2022, 1 graduate credit
Reading Contemporary Authors: January - May 2022, 3 graduate credits