Staff Development: College, Career & Community Writers Program & Assessment

College, Career, Community Writers Program

OWP will lead professional development focused on NWP’s nationally recognized College, Career, Community Writers Program (C3WP). In this PD, teachers participate in 30-45 hours of training around source-based argument writing instruction and civic discourse. This professional development includes year-long formative assessment structures, classroom teaching, and instructional resources for teachers and students. Available for Grades 4-12. 

Writing Assessment and Evaluation

OWP writing assessment workshops train teachers to use writing assessment as an instructional tool. They provide practical classroom strategies for evaluating student writing and improving student learning. Depending on the needs of the district, the focus can be on either formative or summative classroom assessment (i.e. formative assessment practices, assessment of writing, short cycle assessments, rubrics, portfolios or state tests.)