Master's in Teaching Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to take the GRE?

The GRE is not required if you are a certified teacher.

I have taken OWP classes but I have never taken the four-week workshop. Do I need to do that?

All MAT candidates must complete the four-week Workshop on the Teaching of Writing as part of the Foundation Class before taking the online Classroom Research class.

M.A.T. Contact

Kristin Hock

I took the four-week workshop a few years back. Will it still count?

Students with OWP credit that is more than five years old may petition the Graduate School to have their credit apply to the MAT.

Will OWP electives be offered during the school year?

Occasionally, OWP may offer one–, two–, and three–credit– hour workshops during the school year.

May I take classes offered through the English or Education Departments at Miami instead of OWP classes? 

You may substitute up to 6 semester hours for OWP classes. Substitutions will be made on an individual basis.

Are there scholarships available?

OWP Scholarships will be awarded on a limited and competitive basis for the four-week Workshop on the Teaching of Writing.

Which classes will I take?

  • Teaching of Writing Workshop (6 semester hours)
  • OWP workshops of your choice (15 semester hours)
  • Research in your own classroom (11 semester hours)

What can I expect from my MAT classes?

  • To work with expert K-12 classroom teachers and Miami faculty
  • To explore K-12 writing, reading, and teaching theory
  • To participate in interactive classes grounded in classroom practice and aligned with state standards
  • To learn ways to improve students’ reading and writing and develop best practice lessons
  • To read, discuss, and share writing
  • To receive teaching ideas to take back to your classroom
  • To learn ways to energize your teaching