Master's in Teaching Program Overview

The Master of Arts in Teaching program is an innovative, non-thesis degree designed for working K-12 teachers.

Teaching of Writing | 6 credits | Summer

  • Learn research- based strategies to enhance instruction.
  • Examine class- room practices.
  • Participate in a writing community.

Classroom Research I | 2 credits | Fall (online)

  • Implement new research-based strategies.
  • Reflect on classroom.
  • Work with advisor in online forum.

Classroom Research II | 2 credits | Spring (online)

  • Refine reflective practice.
  • Explore process of action research.
  • Develop possible research questions based on class.

Classroom Research III | 2 credits | Fall (online)

  • Develop research question and choose research model.
  • Design and begin research study.
  • Explore resources to support teacher research topic.

Classroom Research IV | 3 credits | Spring (hybrid)

  • Analyze data gathered from classroom.
  • Create a final research report.
  • Participate in a larger writing community

Presenting Teacher Research | 2 credits | Summer

  • Learn principles of presenting.
  • Refine research findings.
  • Present project at MAT conference.

OWP Electives, 15 credits

Elective classes explore models of instruction at every grade level and examine research to support improved instruction. Choose any combination of summer workshops, weekend workshops, and online classes throughout the course of the degree to total 15 hours.