Adult TESOL Graduate Certificate

This 12-credit certificate is designed to provide training for both graduate and undergraduate students in the theory and pedagogy of teaching academic English as a Second Language to adult learners*.

Students who complete this certificate will gain important credentials for teaching ESL in the U.S. and overseas. Holding this certificate could also help students to compete for graduate school funding as an ESL teaching assistant, and individual courses could transfer into related graduate programs. Students in all departments are welcome to complete this certificate.

Required Courses (12 credits)

  • ENG 508 Second Language Acquisition (3 cr., foundation course)
  • ENG 517 L2 Writing & Reading (3 cr., prior or co-completion of ENG 508 preferred)
  • ENG 615 TESOL Methods (3 cr., prior or co-completion of ENG 508 preferred)
  • ENG 616 TESOL Practicum (3 cr., prerequisite ENG 615)

For more info, please contact:

Vincent J. Palozzi, PhD
Associate Teaching Professor, Linguistics Program
Coordinator, Adult TESOL Graduate Certificate

332 Bachelor Hall

Important Information for Undergraduates:

Undergraduates who complete the certificate will have it noted on their transcript along with their bachelor’s degree, but they must receive permission from the Graduate School to complete courses at the graduate level; contact the certificate director and see the undergraduate permission to take graduate course for more information.

ENG 508 and ENG 517 will be cross listed at the undergraduate level as ENG 408 and ENG 417 for students who do not wish to complete the entire certificate.

*This certificate will not provide you with K-12 public school certification. If you are interested in K-12 TESOL, please contact the School of Education, Health, and Society.