Credits and Advanced Placement

If your portfolio earns 3 Miami University credits toward graduation, you will have fulfilled the first-year writing requirement and will not need to enroll in English 111. You will need to take an Advanced Writing course at some point in your academic career. You may choose to do this now, but we recommend that you wait until a subsequent year to fulfill your writing requirement.

For students who take the AP exam and also submit a portfolio, you can receive credits from the AP exam or from the Portfolio Writing Program but not both combined. In instances where both the AP exam(s) and the Portfolio Writing Program award credit, the AP score takes precedence for determining fulfillment of the first-year writing requirement.

On average, 50 percent of portfolios submitted to the Portfolio Writing Program receive credit. (Note: If you are enrolling in classes before you have heard about your portfolio placement, enroll in English 111. If your portfolio placement awards you credit for English 111, you can then drop the class.)