Loire Valley castle at twilight  Loire Valley castle at twilight
 Florence cityscape at sunset  Florence cityscape at sunset
Colloseum in Rome Colloseum in Rome

The Department of French and Italian allows students to engage academically and culturally on multiple levels during their time at Miami. In addition to broad and challenging curricula offering courses that range from beginner-level language classes to graduate seminars on contemporary thought and critical theory, the department also sponsors numerous extra- and co-curricular activities and events, including an active French living-learning community for first-year students, a French-language writing center, talks and presentations by both current faculty and visiting scholars, departmental and national honors organizations, weekly cafe discussion groups, and French and Italian film series.  

No matter their projected career outcome, the Department of French and Italian provides many ways for students to enrich their experience at Miami, whether it be pursuing a major as a primary course of study, adding a minor or thematic sequence to their current concentration, participating in one or both of our department-specific honors organizations, studying abroad through one of our four European programs, or continuing their academic career through graduate studies.