Career Roadmap

DISCOVER: Identify provisional interests, aptitudes, and weaknesses.  What do I think I want to do?  What can I do?  What do I need to improve?

  • You like French or Italian.  Ask yourself why?  How would you like it to be part of your life and/or career in the future? 
  • Imagine how French or Italian might complement, strengthen, or expand a career path beyond the language itself (e.g. in medicine, business, law, government service, NGO’s, arts, fashion, education, graduate study, etc.).
  • Take FOCUS 2 or other career assessments to identify occupations that match your interests, skills, values, personality, and potential major(s).
  • Use the Career Resource Center in Hoyt Hall and the Career Services website to research careers.  Familiarize yourself with their career planning process guide.
  • Participate in volunteer activities and join student organizations relevant to your potential areas of interest.
  • Practice contacting faculty and advisors on campus.  Get used to relational networking and seeking and using advice.  Cultivate relationships for future letters of recommendation.
  • Learn to articulate your strengths and create a professional self-portrait or profile.  Meet with Department faculty and consult the Career Services “Telling Your Story” brochure for guidance.
  • Create a resumé

EXPLORE opportunities:

  • Narrow down interests to certain career sectors.
  • Review career planning resources and meet with your Career Advisor about your progress and how to conduct informational interviews and make professional contacts.
  • Conduct informational interviews in areas of interest.
  • Use CAREERlink and internet resources on the Career Services website to researrch internship postings.
  • Identify and research potential employers or graduate/professional schools.  Consult FRI brochures and career website for leads.
  • Attend Career Service programs that are most relevant to your internship and career interests.
  • Attend the Miami Career Fair(s) to speak with employers about internship opportunities.
  • Do an internship or experiential project in your identified sector or field.  Consider doing this while studying abroad.  Think about how experiential work and study abroad affect your career profile.
  • Consult Study Abroad and Career Development booklet by AIFS.
  • Consult with faculty in Department and CSO throughout this step.

TARGET your career planning:

  • Identify target careers, specific positions, and potential employers.
  • Review strengths and areas for improvement relevant to targets.
  • Rewrite your portrait as a promotional instrument for these targets.
  • Update your resumé.
  • Acquire necessary skills and knowledge through courses and experience.

IMPLEMENT: Identify and use resources to pursue the path.

  • Prepare materials, such as resumé and letters of presentation, and familiarize yourself with the job-seeking process, including networking and interviewing, through CSO and Department resources.
  • Update resumé tailored to internship and career search.  Upload into Miami CAREERlink.
  • Attend Career Services programs that are most relevant to your internship and career search. 
  • Complete the Telling Your Story workbook.
  • Attend Spring ICE [Internship and Career Expo] and speak with employers about internship and career opportunities
  • Research possible internship opportunities on CAREERlink and internet resources on the Career Services website.
  • Create and expland your network through personal and LinkedIn contacts.
  • Stay informed by subscribing to newsletters in your field of interest on the Career Services Tumblr site (
  • Get involved in a professional organization related to your career field.
  • Enroll in EDL 302 – Career Entry Skills and Post-College Planning.
  • Investigate the role of graduate/professional school in your career interests.  Attend the workshop Planning for Graduate School if appropriate.  If you plan to attend graduate/professional school contact your Departmental advisor immediately to formulate an action plan.
  • Sign up for a Mock Interview.
  • Identify faculty and staff who may be able to serve as references.
  • Continue involvement in Miami clubs and organizations to further develop public speaking, leadership, and organizational skills.
  • Use Miami CAREEERlink and Career Services internet resources to find meaningful summer jobs and internships that can help you conform your interests and build your marketability.
  • Do an internship in your target field. 

COMPLETE: Find an Actual Job.

  • For students planning on attending graduate or professional school, contact your Departmental advisor to implement action plan.
  • Use Miami CAREERlink, Career Services internet resources, and Department internet resources to identify potential employers.  Remember alternate possibilities such as the Peace Corps, Non-Governmental Organisations, TAPIF, and Teach for America.
  • Have your resumés, LinkedIN profile, and cover letters reviewed in a 15-minute Resumé Express Drop-in appointment.
  • Update your CV and profile and upload to CAREERlink.  Update and upload LinkedIn Profile.  Contact references for letters and availability.
  • Attend other Career Services programs that are most relevant to your job search.
  • Practice interviewing skills and presenting your strengths.
  • Research companies before attending job fairs and interviews or submitting applications.
  • Submit applications.  Stay organized by keeping a log of all employer contacts, interview offers, and follow-up activities.Verify that letters of recommendation have been sent.
  • Sign up for a mock interview
  • Attend fall, spring, teacher or virtual job fairs.
  • Sign up for on-campus interviews using Miami CAREERlink.
  • Please report on your progress and results to your Departmental advisor.  We want to know.