Troy Webster

 Loire Valley castle at twilight  Loire Valley castle at twilight
 Florence cityscape at sunset  Florence cityscape at sunset
Colloseum in Rome Colloseum in Rome
Troy WebsterTroy is currently a high school Latin teacher at Mill Creek High School in Hoschton, Georgia. He is teaching Latin 1, 2, and 3 this year. His goal for this year is to adjust his teaching to the level of his students and to develop a program that grows Latin learners inside and outside the classroom. He also hopes that his program grows to include an AP course by 2 years as well as growing how many students take Latin. He will also be involved with Georgia JCL. His time at Miami, especially the Classics department, further influenced his desire to become a Latin teacher. Some of the greatest opportunities he had were Undergraduate Associate opportunities with Dr. Lyons and Dr. McCoskey. These opportunities taught him how to design a course, how to design assessments, and what it means to teach Latin at a collegiate level. As well he had the opportunity to tutor Latin through the department which helped him grow as an educator. It helped ring true the quote: Docendo Discimus. 

One of the courses that has influenced his own classroom was Dr. Tuck's Roman Spectacle class. He has done a project with his Latin 2 students where they researched and discovered 3 major forms of spectacle: chariot races, venationes, and gladiator fights. His students have become interested in the subject and become more curious regarding entertainment in the world of the Romans.