Amélie Davis

Associate Professor of Geography/Institute for the Environment & Sustainability

Miami University
213 Shideler Hall
Oxford, Ohio 45056


  • BA, Biology. Earlham College (2001)
  • MS, Marine Studies. University of Delaware (2004)
  • PhD, Forestry & Natural Resources. Purdue University (2009)


Human-environment interactions, environmental sustainability, land change science, ecosystem services, environmental land use planning, landscape ecology, GIS


  • GEO 441/541: Geographic Information Systems
  • GEO 451/551: Urban & Regional Planning
  • IES 274: Environment & Sustainability
  • IES 474: Sustainability in Practice

Selected Publications

  • Smith, D., A. Davis, C. Hitaj, D. Hellerstein, A. Preslicka, E. Kirkpatrick, D. Mushet, and E. Lonsdorf. 2021. The contribution of land cover change to the decline of honey yields in the Norhtern Great Plains. Environmental Research Letters. 
  • Davis, A., O. Herron, and S Dumyahn. 2021. Uncovering the potential for exurban properties and small working farms in the Midwestern United States to provide food and refuge for pollinators. Urban Ecosystems.
  • Kirkpatrick E.**, A. Davis, and B. Pijanowski. 2018.  Estimating the Environmental Impacts of Sprawling Parking Lots in the United States: Two Case Studies.  In D. Shoup (Ed.), Parking and the City. Routledge.  
  • Hellerstein D., Hitaj C., Smith D., and A. Davis.  Interactions between land use, land cover, and pollinator health: a review. 2017. Economic Research Report No. 232. United States Department of Agriculture, Economic Research Service.
  • Davis A., E. Lonsdorf, K. Matteson, C. Shierk, J. Taylor, S. Lovell, and E. Minor. 2017. Enhancing pollination in an urban ecosystem through landscape modifications. Landscape and Urban Planning.
  • Davis, A., J. Jung, B. Pijanowski, and E. Minor. 2016. Vegetation volume and "greenness" affect urban air temperature. Applied Geography 71; 106-114
  • Mayer A., J. Bossenbroeck, B. Buma, A. Davis, J. Franklin, S. Gagne, M. Krawchuk, J. Littell, E.L. Loudermilk, R. Scheller, F. Schmiegelow, and Y. Wiersma. 2016. Bioscience. Landscape Ecology’s contribution to global change policy.  
  • Lonsdorf E., J. Lyons, S. Jacobi, T. Jones, B. Tavernia, K. Luke, A. Davis, and W. Thogmartin. 2016. A generalizable energetics-based model of avian migration to aid large-scale conservation planning and spending. Ecological Applications 26(4): 1136-1153.
  • Minor, E., J.A. Belaire, A. Davis, *M. Franco, and **M. Lin. 2016. Socioeconomics and neighbor mimicry drive urban yard and neighborhood vegetation patterns in R. Francis (Ed.), Urban Landscape Ecology: Science Policy and Practice. Abington: Routledge.
  • Davis A., N. *Malas, and E. Minor. 2014. "Disentangling the biophysical and anthropogenic Drivers of an exotic bird's distribution", Biological Invasions 16(2):415-427.
  • Westphal L., A. Davis, C. Copp, L. Ross, M. Bouman, and C. Fisher.  2014.  Characteristics of Stewardship in the Chicago Wilderness Region.  Cities and the Environment 7(1), Article 3.  

*denotes Miami University undergraduate student author.
** denotes Miami University graduate student author.