Geography & Sustainable Development

Geography and Sustainable Development majors integrate the social and natural sciences to address 21st century social, economic, and environmental challenges. They synthesize geographic information using qualitative and quantitative techniques, including geospatial mapping technologies and data science. Students apply critical thinking, communication, and technical skills through individualized research and field experiences. They are prepared for purposeful careers in sustainable development and policy; environment and natural resource management; culture, citizenship and social justice; and geospatial techniques and applications.

Urban and Regional Planning

Urban and Regional Planning majors systematically analyze urban problems and design appropriate solutions. Planners define urban problems, analyze them using geospatial and other methods, and use relevant planning concepts and techniques to facilitate decision-making. Students gain critical thinking, research, and communications skills through both independent research and team and projects. These skills prepare students for diverse public and private opportunities in planning and development.

Projected Employment Growth

By 2020, employment is projected to grow 26% in geography and 19% in planning  (US Bureau of Labor Statistics)