Student Spotlights

Current and former students describe how they came to choose Miami, life as a Miami student, the value of a liberal arts education, their study abroad experiences and internships, and more.

Connor O'Hearn (Class of 2021)

Connor in field
"My time studying Geography and GIS as a graduate student has been transformative. I have been challenged by my professors and peers to approach problems differently. The various classes and research opportunities have provided me with a great educational experience. The technical experience in class, and the application of those skills to my master's research has been a superb way to learn. This degree will be a valuable pillar of my life that I look forward to utilizing in my future career."

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Tessa Farthing (Class of 2021)

Tessa in field
"The research carried out by Dr. Grudzinski and the Water Resources Lab was what first attracted me to the geography graduate program. I was happy to discover that the program was small with a lot of focus on student success. I can have frequent interaction with my advisor and other faculty that I don't think I would otherwise have at a larger university with a higher student to faculty ratio."

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Isabella Aristizabal (Class of 2020)

Izzy at park
"After switching my major twice, I finally landed on Geography during my Junior year because it combined my desire to understand the environment and humans' interaction with it on both large and small scales. My ultimate focus was sustainability, and studying Geography gave me the foundational knowledge I needed to move forward in my career and approach these issues from physical and human perspectives."

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