Student and faculty research in the Geography Department explores various dimensions of geographic change: from environmental, to urban, to political-economic.

Faculty Research

Faculty in the Geography Department have diverse topical and regional research interests and expertise, with particular strengths in:

  • Global Politics and Development, exploring the impacts of globalization and structural change, political ecologies and sustainability, and critical geopolitics cutting across race, ethnicity, gender, identity and citizenship.
  • Urban Worlds, exploring the diverse processes and meanings bound up in urban landscapes, including political-economic analysis of contemporary urbanization, critical studies of power and place, mobility, urban and regional planning, and economic restructuring.
  • Human-Environment, examining recent human-driven environmental change in terrestrial settings.

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Student Research

Graduate and undergraduate students work with faculty in the department to develop and complete their own research projects. Along the way, they develop critical project management, data collection, and critical thinking skills. Projects have included local, regional and international locales, including places like Oxford, Cincinnati and Chicago and on continents such as Europe, Africa and Asia.

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