Graduate Theses and Internships

December 2019 Graduates

  • Nilupaer, Julaiti, "Utilization of Crowdsourcing and Volunteered Geographic Information in International Disaster Management". S Toops, adviser

August 2019 Graduates

  • Kevin Baker, "The Rusted Steel That Binds: How Craft Producers Form Neolocal Economies in Pittsburgh, PA". D. Prytherch, adviser
  • Meghan Jones, "GIS Modeling and Parcel Prioritization for Strategic Conservation Planning. Utilizing an Easement Implementation Tool for Land Trust Priority Mapping in Southwest Ohio". R. Abbitt, adviser
  • Maria Sanchez Luna, "Mapping Small Scale Farming in Heterogeneous Landscapes: A Case Study of Smallholder Shade Coffee and Plastic Agriculture Farmers in the Chiapas Highlands". J. McCarty, adviser

August 2018 Graduates

  • Samuel Holleman, ""Tourists Don't See Borders": Destination Marketing and (Bio) Regionalism in Western Oregon". D. Prytherch, adviser
  • Jeffrey Lazar, "Storm Flow Sediment and Nutrient Concentrations across a Land Cover Gradient in Southwest Ohio Streams". B Grudzinski, adviser
  • Marina Salnikova, "Maintaining and Modifying Identity: An Exploration of Muslim Community in Inverness, Scotland". B D'Arcus, adviser

 August 2017 Graduates

  • Isaac Asante-Wusu, "Geography of Urban Water Security and Vulnerability: Case Studies of Three Localities in the Accra-Tema City-Region, Ghana". I. Yeboah, adviser
  • Briana Berkowitz, "Home Gardenscapes for the Promotion of Ecological and Cultural Plant Diversity on St. Eustatius, Dutch Caribbean". K.Medley, adviser
  • Michael Browne, "Autonomy in Georgia's Ajaria Region: Its Benefit for the State and How it has Evolved Since the Collapse of the Soviet Union". B. D'Arcus, adviser
  • McNichol Kaloki, "Mapping Vegetation Status at Lake Nakuru National Park and Surrounds, Kenya". J. Maingi, adviser
  • Christopher Myers, "Electrification as Development for Sustainable Livelihoods at Mt. Kasigau, Kenya". K. Medley, adviser

August 2016 Graduates

  • Luci Xi Lu, "A Geographic Analysis of the Vulnerabilities and Coping Strategies of Tibetan Herders in Gansu, China". S. Toops, adviser
  • Elina Sukarayavichute, "Transit Planning, Access, and Social Justice: Competing Visions of Bus Rapid Transit and the Chicago Street". D. Prytherch, adviser

Winter 2016 Graduates

  • Meghan Sheehan, "Determining Drivers for Wildebeest (Connochaetes Taurinus) Distribution in the Masai Mara National Reserve and Surrounding Group Ranches". J. Maingi, adviser

August 2015 Graduates

  • Genevi Schindehutte, "Remembering is Resistance: in Physical and Virtual Places of Downtown Cairo". B D'Arcus, adviser
  • Rupak Shrestha, "Seasonal Migration and Circular Turmois: A Geographic Narrative of Brick Factory Migrant Workers in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal". S Toops, adviser

December 2014 Graduates

  • Kwame Adusei, "Land Cover Change in a Savanna Environment, A Case Study of Bawku Municipal". M Henry, adviser
  • Dan Pearlman, "Patterns and Processes of Land Use/Land Cover Change, 1975-2011, at Mt. Kasigau, Kenya". J Maingi, adviser

August 2014 Graduates

  • Lisa Dershowitz, "A Geographic Examination of Stakeholders' Perceptions of Ecotourism Along the Israel National Trail and Jesus Trail in Israel". S Toops, adviser
  • Sanan Moradi, "Mellat and Qowm: A Political Geography of 'Nation' and 'Ethnicity' in Iran". C Dahlman, adviser

May 2014 Graduates

  • Brandon Flessner, "Species Distribution Modeling of American Beech (Fagus grandifolia Ehrh) Distribution in Southwest Ohio" M Henry, adviser
  • Chris Fortney, "Who made you the graffiti police?”: Graffiti, Public Space, and Resistance". B D'Arcus, adviser
  • Nicollette Staton, "International Anti-Trafficking Norms in Kosovo: How Local Actors Implement Global Expectations". C Dahlman, adviser

August 2013 Graduates

  • Henkin, Michael, "A Biophysical Analysis of Forest Diversity Patterns at Mt. Kasigau, Kenya". K Medley, adviser
  • Kamau, Peter, "Anthropogenic Fires, Forest Resources, and Local Livelihoods at Chyulu Hills, Kenya". K Medley, adviser
  • Mordini, Michael, "Gulf of Maine Land Cover and Land Use Change Analysis Utilizing Random Forest Classification: To be Used in Hydrological and Ecological Modeling of Terrestrial Carbon Export to the Gulf of Maine via Riverine Systems". M Henry, adviser

August 2012 Graduates

  • Gathongo, Njoroge, "Validating Local Interpretations of Land Cover Changes at Mt. Kasigau, Kenya". K Medley, adviser
  • Hall, Alexander, "Effects of Multiple Small Impoundments on Hydrologic Regime in Southwestern Ohio". W Renwick, adviser
  • Roades, Heather, "Species Composition, Relative Abundance, and Habitat Occurrence of Neotropical Migratory Birds Overwintering in Dominica, West Indies". W Renwick, adviser
  • Schiefelbein, Trey, "Neighborhood Identity and the Construction of a Noncapitalist Economy in Milwaukee's Riverwest Neighborhood". B D'Arcus, adviser

December 2011 Graduates

  • Everette, Dennis, "The Filthiest People Alive: Fear of the City in the Films of John Waters". M England, adviser
  • Eysenbach, Brent, "Gentrification and the Production of Neighborhood Identity in East Nashville, Tennessee". M England, adviser

August 2011 Graduates

  • Ogboo, Adanma, "The Geography of Automobile Spare Parts Trade: Aspmda and Lapido Automobile Spare Parts Markets, Lagos, Nigeria". I Yeboah, adviser

May 2011 Graduates

  • Lawlor, Sarah, "Using Advanced Land Imager (ALI) for the Detection of the Invasive Shrub Lonicera Maackii in Southwestern Ohio Forests". M Henry, adviser
  • Prather, Jennifer, "Bridging the Digital Divide: Integrating Social and Technical Capacity Within Participatory GIS". D Prytherch, adviser