Additional Undergraduate Programs

Departmental Honors

A student may register for GLG 498 in their senior year, as long as his/her grade point average is at least 3.0 for courses required in the geology major.

The Senior Thesis will permit the exceptional Geology major to embark upon a geological research program of his/her choosing. It will provide the student an opportunity to perform an in-depth study using the skills he/she has developed as a major in geology

The student must complete an independent research project, to be conducted under close supervision with a faculty member.  

This course will require considerable independent data collection and analysis under faculty supervision.  Each student may register for 3-6 credit hours with a maximum of 12 counting towards the Departmental Honors Degree.

After a research project and advisor have been decided upon, the student and advisor must pick a committee of at least two faculty members for thesis review.  Once thesis has been reviewed and deemed acceptable, the student must present his/her thesis at a formal oral presentation.  This presentation can take place in the department as a "seminar", at the Undergraduate Research Forum conducted by the Office for the Advancement of Research and Scholarship (OARS) or at a national meeting such as GSA or AGU.

Thematic Sequences

The Geology Department offers three thematic sequences that include Oceanography (TGLG1), The Water Planet (TGLG2), and Geohazards and Plate Tectonics (TGLG3). For any additional information please go to thematic sequence page via geology thematic sequences